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Potlatch 2 relation shortcuts about 2 years ago

Last i know is 2.5. link to git would help.

Potlatch 2 relation shortcuts about 2 years ago

Is this a new release and where can i find the infos? Need to know release and change date to keep this list up to date.


Mapping missing turn restrictions & exit numbers and destinations in Europe - Part 1 : Germany almost 5 years ago

There is a similar project from MapBox in canada. Do you work together? And do you share the tagging?

All Municipalities in Nicaragua over 5 years ago

sorry, north-east of course ;)

All Municipalities in Nicaragua over 5 years ago

Great job, but you should be a litte bit more carful in editing existing national boundaries. You “killed” twice this week the AL2 of Nicaragua :(

See 9. Dec 2015 and again at 11. Dec. 2015

we fixed it and you damaged it again.

btw: the north west AL4 was missing at midnight: nic damaged

you’r working with josm and that is fine. But you should not ignore josm’s error messages.

regards walter (user wambacher)

Bulk conversion of administrative boundaries to new OSM format in Jakarta over 5 years ago

Hi Ivan,

i’ll cross my fingers ;)

please send me a note when you are going to created the first boundaries. just to be shure.



Bulk conversion of administrative boundaries to new OSM format in Jakarta over 5 years ago

Hi Ivan,

are you aware that all existing “bad boundaries” are closed ways? Creating relations for them and change the tagging is only half of the job.

Boundary relations use shared ways (called members) which can’t overlap because there is only one way at an edge. That is the base concept of type=boundary or type=multipolygon.

So you have to split all closed ways on every “corner”, remove double ways and add the reminding ways as members to the new relations. Just look at some “good” boundaries in your area.

That is not an easy job.

Please ask me if you don’t understand what i mean. And sorry, if you are planning to do it this way and i did not recognize that.

btw: did you ever add/change admin-boundaries in osm before?


walter aka osm-user “wambacher”

Mexico boundaries import status. almost 6 years ago

Import of boundaries which will overlap existing boundaries of other countries:

  • take “your” boundary and delete those boderlines which would overlap existing ones.
  • import “your” new borders
  • connect the unconnected ends of e.g. al6-borders to the still existing al2 from USA,Guatemala or Belize by hand. this is 1-2 hours of work.
  • may be you need to reconnect some more connections.

Difference to your way: Delete before import instead of later deleting wrong borderlines by mistake.

That is what happened at Rio Bravo and may be happening again in the more western areas.

regards walter

Welcome to OpenStreetMap Telangana! about 7 years ago

nothing wrong with you - only the local files have to be updated (by me). it’s a big job (about 1-2 hours for india), that will only run on request. Last run was 2014-05-13

tomorrow morning everythng should be fine.


walter, aka wambacher

relicensing h4ck3rm1k3s data almost 9 years ago

and now you’r lost

Stadtbahn Schleswig about 9 years ago

bullshit, totaler

Oer-Erkenschwick about 10 years ago

oder gleich selber korrigieren - so funktioniert osm

Fehlende McDonalds in Deutschland 2 over 11 years ago

moin moin,

ich findes es schon etwas komisch|lustig|seltsam, dass sich jemand vorbildlich um MC-D kümert, aber dazu "Man muss auch nicht da essen" schreibt. Aber dennoch Danke für die Mühe.

Ich hab übrigens einen MC-D in Rüdesheim eingefügt, den ich überlebt habe ;)