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Camera tripod prototype to capture Mapillary images by bike over 1 year ago

Impressive job, But what about safety? I would be worried about possibly injuring people in case of an accident. I am sure your bicycle liability insurance would not pay. I am not a legal expert, but I would be worried. I had looked in the past into a solution for a high-mount (360°) camera for Mapillary and had come to the conclusion that it needs to be at least a tripod both for security and stability reasons,

Why I won't contribute to Mapillary anymore about 2 years ago

FB is also a Gold Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Montrouge à 360° avec Mapillary over 3 years ago

Compliments, really nice job.

I would like to copy your approach, using a bicycle or a tricycle.

Some questions:

  • Did you fix the selfie stick to your body ?
  • It looks as you used sometimes a scooter or bicycle? Did you fix the selfie stick to the scooter/bicycle?
  • How sensitive is the result to keeping the camera/stick always vertical?
  • Do you have documentation for the modification of JOSM and of the photoadjust plugin?

Best regards


Padova, Italy

Water in OpenStreetMap almost 8 years ago

What about two-directional waterways? Two categories spring to mind: a) Irrigation systems where the flow direction is controlled by sluice gates b) waterways that connect lagoons and the sea, where the water flow direction is tide-dependent

In these case the arrow direction is arbitrary. Or is there a tag for this specific situation