Mapper since:
October 29, 2018

About Me

I was a GIS Technician with the Kaart editing team. I now work on tools, such as the JOSM MapWithAI plugin, along with various other plugins for JOSM, some paint styles, and some validator rules.

This is a work account for Kaart Group located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

My original OpenStreetMap account is vorpalblade. Any edits made by that account are NOT associated with this account or Kaart.

OSM Accounts and Information


Kaart team edits can be found using the #Kaart changeset comment. You may easily track my personal edits and activity with HDYC or see my contribution heat map.


Our team of editors believes that open communication between all editors in the OSM community is essential to improving OSM data. Please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Kaart team should you have any questions or concerns regarding my edits or what we do as an organization.