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#Mapmyvillagecampaign #Uniquemappers 15 days ago

Amazing !!! Thank you for finding our 1-week #umtmapmyvillage Mapathon campaign for social good in Nigeria quite engaging ,I hope ,your UniqueMappersTeam20 members would also find it exciting to continue to actively volunteer @uniquemappers Nigeria for OpenStreetMap


Great !!! Looking forward to your impact at local community levels with this exciting experience !!!

Background on the OpenStreetMap Foundation's GeOsm trademark agreement 6 months ago

This is amazing !! Congratulations Willy and tea,

#UniqueMappers OSMNigeria Uyo Community expansion Meeting with Victor Essang over 2 years ago

And do you know that Utibe Usang another OSM enthusiast from Uyo that missed the meeting,gave me a call and I had to restart the meeting again ,this time exclusively for him and Victor Essang,taking them through the basics of OSM and OSM community ,showing them the missingmaps leaders board and there they got to know that their #OSMgeoweek2019 mapathon metrics was coolected and that they mapped 130 edits I also created a whatsaap chat group for UniqueMappers Uyo as a platform to mobilize and coordinate all OSM enthusiasts in #Uyo ,#Nigeria Looking forward to working and supporting this new and emerging local community @UniqueMappers-Uyo

Webinar Planning Meeting Resumes with Local Community/Team Leaders to #Mapthedifference2019 in #osmnigeria over 3 years ago


2018 over 3 years ago

Hi Vyvian , You are welcome on board OSM Nigeria Community and LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus , Please,correct the reference designation to me… The Coordinator ..Openstreetmap Nigeria….and rHOT Projects- Nigeria,….Look forward to your active participation this year from your local communities…. LionMappersTeam -University of Nigeria,Enugu Campus,OSMNigeria and OSM Africa..

Cheers and Happy new year to # mapthedifference2019

#mapthedifference2018 in Retrospect: A vote of thanks from #vicksun #uniquemappersteam #osmnigeria OpenStreetMap Nigeria Community over 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments!!! I I made them bold to highlight some of the interesting points

Joined the training session today with unique mappers team @TLCCF over 3 years ago

Yea,it was great,having these campus fellowship members trained on mapswipe and OSM.And you did a good job putting them through on how to map with mapswipe.Keep it up Mercy!!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!

HOT Board Nomination about 4 years ago

A good one!!!!Hon.Nathelie of OSM Africa!!!You are doing a great job!!!

HOT Board nomination about 4 years ago

Noted!!!Trudy Hope of OSM Africa!!!!You are doing a great job