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Completing the Appalachian Trail and the Florida Trail in OSM about 2 years ago

You can also looks for public GaiaGPS routes and comment on the route to request permission to use the route to trace off of for OSM.

OSMF survey on board priorities - a quick analysis using the Borda count. about 2 years ago

I responded to the survey. I’m very concerned about corporate takeover of OSM.

Completing the Appalachian Trail and the Florida Trail in OSM about 2 years ago

Helo @cjpapetti!

For better local trail use data you can download the OSM GPS data via the download window in JOSM (selecting Raw GPS Data), if you’re not already doing that.

You could also find people on Strava who’ve ridden the routes that interest you (check the leaderboards for the segments that you’re interested in (for example this segment, Stalingrab, in Spokane) and then comment on their relevant activity and ask them for a gpx of their ride on that route.

It may be more fruitful to reach out to a local mountain biking or hiking club to see if they’ll record their adventures on a gps, polar, phone, or smartwatch and send them to you.

I will be relying on my girlfriend to record her walk on a polar watch and will be logging her check in data from a Spot X.

A Local Mappers API almost 4 years ago

Nice work.

New to all this over 5 years ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I edit mostly a bit south of you, in Kissimmee and St. Cloud. Your edits look great so far. See ya around OSM.

City Mapa-thon: (San) Juan more time! over 5 years ago

Hey! Do you know if that tagging schema is going to get into the HOT JOSM preset anytime soon? Thanks! -Val

Five years and 10.000 EUR – Thank You! almost 7 years ago

Well done, Malenki!