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Is it possible to have access to statistics about the application of tags to GPS traces? about 5 years ago

Thanks for your reply robbieonsea. I will ask in the help site to see if there is a way to gather this kind of information without having to import the full GPX data and then run queries against it. That will be a time consuming process indeed!

How can I add tags to traces that I have already uploaded? over 5 years ago
  • @ToeBee @Tordanik thanks for the information on how to add the tags. I am glad the interface makes this process easier. I have started to add more tags to my traces so they are easier to find and filter.
  • @Chaos99 no worries. I imagined you misunderstood my question. thanks anyways for responding.
Animating GPX files (rendering animations) over 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your suggestions. @Zverik: the videos of animations made with your gpx-animator look great. however, when I run the application with my gpx files it generates frames that are empty and just have the time stamp, no map and no lines. I am not sure if is related to the format of my gpx files. @jaloma: the online-tool is a great idea and i love all the features that you are using for customizing the animation. I will be checking it out to see how it develops.

problems with GPS traces over 5 years ago

thanks. this is very helpful. sorry it took me so long to reply. even though i have continue uploading traces i didn't notice i have a comment in my diary. i think i am going to start using the josm editor.