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Posted by tyr_asd on 22 June 2014 in English (English)

In the last weeks a few new features got into overpass turbo. Here is a quick heads-up:

Text Markers in MapCSS

You can now finally use MapCSS to display text markers on the map. This is very useful to show the names of displayed features. The following MapCSS statement adds text markers to each node, way or relation on the map and displays whatever is in the tag name:

  node, way relation {
    text: name;

Or take a look at the following example:

Export to Level0

Overpass turbo can now export data into the Level0 editor. Level0 is a very lightweight low-level textual online OSM editor. It can be very handy for example when inspecting tags of a collection of similar objects (such as when checking the names of all restaurants in town).

<todo: gif?>

Additional Stats

When you hover the data-counter box (which shows you how many elements have been loaded and are displayed), you get presented some additional statistics. Currently, only the lag of the Overpass-API server behind the main OSM db is shown, but there is room for more. Is there something you would like to see there? Let me know!

Wizard as URL-parameter

You can now create links to overpass turbo that use the query wizard to create a query (which is loaded on startup and presentet to the user). An example is Such URLs to overpass turbo are both quite short and at least somewhat human readable.

Comment from stephan75 on 22 June 2014 at 14:01

Really nice new features!!! Thanks a lot!

Maybe some of these nice user-friendly features should be mentioned in the OSM wiki at

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