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Get inspired by mapping highways' radars and mirrors 11 months ago

A bit confused by this, but what do you mean by highway radar and highway mirror?

Replace of diplomatic=consulate_general by diplomatic=consulate with consulate=consulate_general over 1 year ago

The discussion should have happened before the change was made, it should not be retrospective.

Also you talk a lot about OSM carto, however have you considered other renderers. If a traveller is in need of diplomatic assistance then there is a high chance that they are using a mobile app rather than carto.

Tagine | professional guidelines on How to Cook in a Moroccan Tagine almost 2 years ago

What has this got to do with maps?

Asda stores county wide over 2 years ago

I did map Asda Living in Telford as a department store, although am having my doubts. It is, as far as I am aware, the only one I have been to and is certainly the only one I shop at occasionally.

I had been a bit reticent to use shop=department_store for something thats not like Grace Brothers (thats one for the younger readers) where you shopped in each department and paid the staff before moving on to the next.

Asda Living has a line of tills near the door, as does Marks and Sparks, but for accounting by department terms that is now a back office computer function.

The reason I am having doubts about department store is that I am not sure that they sell furniture or homewares, I certainly have never bought such things. Maybe they sell bedding but certainly not furniture. They do sell clothes, electronic and digital media.

UK Supermarket Cafe's - Name Suggestion Index over 2 years ago

An interesting question and I must admit its not something that I have thought of mapping, too much like the works canteen to consider in my own time hence a bit off my radar.

In the case of a cafeteria operated by the shop, I would tend to just place an unnamed node within the building in the right sort of place. I would not use a name such as ASDA Cafe.

One of my local Sainsburys has a Starbucks, I have mapped that as a Starbucks as I do not associate it with Sainsburys.

Returning to OSM almost 5 years ago

Welcome back Dave, and welcome to “Shropshire”.

Unfortunately good integration of rights of way into housing estates is a result of lot of hard work and diligence by volunteers from campaining organisations such as The Ramblers. Otherwise the developers will go for an easy option such as to build a road along the line or board it into a narrow high fenced alleyway.

Phil (from Wem, but currently in an office in Telford)

Routing — circular junctions over 5 years ago

Roundabouts are certainly not a new idea, they have been in existence for over 100 years.

Unmapped tertiary roads almost 6 years ago

@couponbirdscom I’m not sure why you have problems with GPS and village roads, I only have GPS problems in city Urban Canyons.

Why I am supporting Brussels about 6 years ago

Looking forward to it too, and a reminder to UK folks that Eurostar booking for SOTM period opens at the end of the month.

Natural language vs. abstract tags over 6 years ago

Very interesting post, I am a native English speaker.

I will try to clarify a few points as I see it.

wood=coniferous, wood=deciduous

This dates back to the way Ordnance Survey map woodland and how I suppose most British mappers think of woodland. More scientific methods have come into, but they make it harder for a normal mapper to add detail. Native woodland in England and Wales is, as far as I am aware, decidicous. Conifer will mean it has been planted for forestry.


This tag does not really make sense on its own, a kiosk is a type of shop where the customer is served outside. Usually selling newspapers or ice cream. It needs extra tagging to explain what it is, such as kiosk=newsagent / kiosk=ice_cream in the same way as shops.

pharmacy / drugstore

A pharmacy will have a qualified pharmacist on duty who is qualified to dispense prescription medicines and offer advice on non-prescription medicines. There are certain medicines which do not need a prescription, but can only be sold by a pharmacy. Over the counter medicines can be sold almost anywhere, but in strictly limited quantities. In the UK the term pharmacy is interchangeable with chemist, chemist is probably more commonly used for the shop, pharmacist referring to the person. I first came across pharmacy when I was learning French, growing up it was always the chemist.

Drugstore is an American word. rather than English. I am not sure exactly what it means.

Supermarket / Mall

Mall is again an American word, the English which I would use in tagging would be shopping_centre.

In the UK the dilemma doesn’t really arise, they are clearly different things and whilst a supermarket can be part of a shopping centre the distinction is obvious. I can see where you are coming from, the big Auchan/Carrefour shops in France could be tagged as either.

Tagging sidewalks and crossings over 6 years ago

@robert Separate-way sidewalks should only be mapped where there is a separation otherwise the break pedestrian routing.

UK ITO! OSM Analysis has new road comparison data from OS Locator over 6 years ago

Hi James, this looks interesting but how do I view this data?

Thanks Phil

Top 25 cities in the world by the number of POI almost 7 years ago

I see that Birmingham is there, how did London and Nottingham do?

Translate OpenBeerMap in your language ! about 8 years ago

EdLoach is correct, the only pub that shows up in my hometown is the one that I have not yet converted to a building.

Hence this one shows.

and this one doesn’t