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Ad hominem over 2 years ago

@rorym - OSM is for profit, at least for a lot of companies these days. And they are even members of OSMF. Trying to pretend there are no pushes to give someone an advantage is just hypocrisy. There are only two options for any disputed object (area, name etc.) - either you want to decide the only right one, then you have to stand with results of your decision. Or you declare, that you prepare the system such that there could be more parallel views for the same thing and you accept them all.

As I see it people like @Kilkenni may use better tone/words within their complains, but they have very few options (and this way, it makes bigger wave). They are under BIG pressure, much bigger then you, me or DWG is.

I see this as a failure of DWG too. Not mainly because of their decision, which can be changed, but because the way, they (do not) present and communicate it.

Last from me.

Ad hominem over 2 years ago

Hi, I’m from Czech Republic and must admit, the whole situation on Crimea seems very similar to what happened in CZ in 1939 and in 1968. With this on my mind - I can just tell you I can understand your position, I see you have no other choice, but your chances to change anything are almost zero. Western world just talks about human rights, democracy and all other “right” stuff, but they will never do anything “right” if they do not have a profit from that. And Russia is more important to them then Ukraine, China is rather then Tibet, Taiwan …