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To start our Friday night campfire we have a floating fire dock placed in the middle of the lake. One of the scouts dressed as a Native American lights the ceremonial fire with a torch. I’ve served as the paddler for the canoe. The ignition of the fire creates a tranquil feeling in the amphitheater and a great start to the program. I have been honored to participate in this event on numerous occasions.

On top of the fun and guarding, kayaking is one of my personal stress soothers. Working with scouts for an entire week can be very stressful. After a long day of work, the lifeguards will occasionally go out on kayaks, rowboats, or canoes. We get to enjoy the beauty of the mountains while gently rocking with the ripples of the lake. It’s so peaceful and relaxing, listening to the crickets and the waves lapping against my boat. Watching the sunset, roasting marshmallows on a floating fire dock while chatting with my friends is one of those treasured moments that can make life bearable. We live in challenging times from worldwide pandemics, natural disasters, and the stress of daily life. During WWII the British would have tea time as often as time permitted. This would help the soldiers keep their identities. With all the hard times that face us it’s nice to have something enjoyable to do. Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” One of my “tea time” activities is kayaking, canoeing and rowboating with my friends. I don’t work at camp to earn money, that’s a bonus. I work there not only to learn life lessons and skills, but to spend my time doing the things I love most. It’s my escape from the world. Everyone needs time to recharge before facing their daily challenges. This is why I love kayaking…