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closed 524622 ramyaragupathy

Is this buidling number 1501?

closed 3123481 RFeagans

Monster Energy Company

closed 3959863

city closed road. jersey barrier just south of sierra lakes

closed 3714933

Confidence Mine road

closed 3714932

Rhodes sp road

closed 2504466 menorman

Unable to answer "What kind of building is this?" for via StreetComplete 29.1:

Juvenile detention

closed 759134 Walterg Grossman

Hollister Road extends between Caughlin Road and Middleton Road

closed 1508823 bye12

This area is new subdivision Construction updates needed in future.

Area titled "Subarea 29" on Ontario City Website. General Zoning information can be found:

closed 3639510

There is a road missing here called Holistic Health Rd

open 3922200 CurlingMan13

Is name really coreect for Del Taco. Does it have the right tags?

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