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I made a map!

Posted by team2019alpaca on 19 July 2021 in English (English).

The first map is complete and in the consultation phase with community stakeholders. I am absolutely fizzing with excitement!

This whole project began when I noticed the maps of walking trails provided at the local Info Centre were no longer entirely accurate. It turns out some of the maps were older than me, a lot has changed since then!

Here is the before map:

Picture of old trail map showing one loop track in the Domain

Note: The pixelation is the printout itself, not the photo.

And here is the new map created using My Tracks, OpenStreetMap, and Inkscape.

New walking trail map for Steep Street Domain showing multiple tracks

A black and white version of this map will be used at the Info Centre and, after consultation, the colour version may be used as signage in the Domain itself.

Even with international boarders closed the town still welcomes many visitors looking to enjoy walks and historical sites. Hopefully this map (and the others I have planned) will improve their experience.

Location: Lawrence, Clutha District, Otago, 9532, New Zealand

Mystery Track

Posted by team2019alpaca on 6 June 2021 in English (English).

Slow going on the mapping project. Hoped to complete the Otago Dam Track today, but the stream had clearly flooded parts of the track recently which made it muddier than usual. Since this track has multiple stream crossings and a risk of flash floods it seemed unwise to carry on.

Track has been mapped up to the first major stream crossing, where the first flash flood area ends.

I ran into other walkers who had turned back and was able to direct them to Munro’s Gully walk which is of similar difficulty and length without the wet feet.

I opted to explore the part of the Gabriel’s Gully Interpretive Track that goes to Pollards Dam. Someone previously traced the trail into Open Street Map, but I had noticed the Pollards Dam section on OSM seemed much longer than the actual track.

It turns out there is a track that goes behind Pollards Dam. This track is not visible on any map I have of Gabriel’s Gully. It starts out along a ridge which overlooks Greys Dam to the right. At first I wasn’t sure it was really a trail, but there was a stile where a fence clearly used to be and a bench a short while later. Once past the overlook you enter into pine forest with a clearly marked trail that runs alongside Glendhu Forest Road. Unlike the Interpretive Track, this mystery trail uses plastic arrows. Unsure of how long the trail was and where it was going I did not complete it, but wondered if it linked up to the Munro’s Gully Track.

Interestingly, as I was leaving I ran into walkers I previously directed to Munro’s Gully. They did the Munro’s Gully trail, but also ended up on the mystery track, confirming my suspicions that it leads there.

This seems preferable to the official Munro’s Gully walk which has adventurers return via Glendhu Forest Rd, which is used for forestry operations and has no sidewalk.

Walking Track Map Project

  • ✅ Steep Street Domain
  • ✅ Gabriel’s Gully Interpretive Track
  • ✅ Mark fossicking area
  • ⃞ Mark Pick & Shovel monument
  • ⃞ Otago Dam Track (completed 1/4)
  • ⃞ Munro’s Gully Track
  • ⃞ Wetherstons to Gabriels Gully Track (is this still accessible?) Doesn’t appear accessible from GG end.
  • ⃞ Complete unknown walk behind Pollard’s Dam
  • ⃞ Contact DOC & Rayonier, who is responsible for access? Is this officially open to the public?
  • ⃞ Is this walk supposed to connect to Munro’s Gully?

DOC Walking Track Categories Cheat Sheet

Location: Lawrence, Clutha District, Otago, 9532, New Zealand

Steep Street Domain Notes

Posted by team2019alpaca on 6 May 2021 in English (English). Last updated on 6 June 2021.

Recently completed mapping of Steep Street Domain in Lawrence, Otago as part of the larger Lawrence walking track map.

Follow up work to be done:

  • Double check locations of benches and picnic tables. It’s been mentioned one may have been missed in Fitness Track. Update: Completed June 2021

  • Observe the dip near end of fitness track, is there currently a walking track here or is it WIP? Update: Confirmed no walking track here as of June 2021

  • Record times to complete each track (walking) from Domain entrance

  • When finished send info to Council for signage

Walking Track Map Project

  • ✅ Steep Street Domain
  • ✅ Gabriel’s Gully Interpretive Track
  • ⃞ Mark fossicking area
  • ⃞ Mark Pick & Shovel monument
  • ⃞ Otago Dam Track
  • ⃞ Munro’s Gully Track
  • ⃞ Weatherstons - Gabriels Gully Track (is this still accessible?)
Location: Lawrence, Clutha District, Otago, 9532, New Zealand