Running for the HOT Board: Candidate Statement from Tasauf A Baki Billah (Ribin)

Posted by tasauf1980 on 21 June 2019 in English (English)

Dear all Hot Members,

First of all I would like to thank Jorieke for nominating me as a candidate. It is surely an honor for me whether I am being elected or not and it will surely encourage me to contribute my furthest best in HOT moving forward in coming days. Thanks to Pete Masters & Ahasanul Hoque for considering me & encouraging for the candidacy.

Involvement with HOT & OSM:

It has been now almost 05 years I have been walking with HOT & OSM. Supposed to be helping out in a MissingMaps piloting project as a translator, instead fell in love with mapping itself! In a very short period of time got involved in the community building process, promoting & supporting OSM based projects & initiatives in Bangladesh. I have been one of the core contacts of HOT & MissingMaps in Bangladesh for a while now. Have been granted voting membership since 2017 & being involved in several working groups. The journey has been surely an eventful one and I’m loving the ride.

The initial target I had while I joined the community was to make the community one of the most vibrant one in the globe & within a year or so I had it accomplished. From the very beginning of my involvement I have been shouting out in different platforms of HOT & OSM that a self sustaining community only can ensure a sustainable growth of the activities & resilient volunteerism. In last 05 years I dedicated myself & my career completely in structuring the local community to an organizational modality and make sure a sustainable growth. The relentless efforts of me and my fellow mates with support from HOT, MissingMaps & some inspirational individuals made possible to have what I was addressing throughout the time. We now have organizations like OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Community (OSMBDF)aiming to Advocate & govern the OSM related activities within Bangladesh, Bangladesh Open Innovation Lab (BOIL) A technical team dedicated to build up innovative solution models & applications based on OpenStreetMap and Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Operations Team (BHOOT) a team of volunteers dedicated to support any humanitarian activities related to OSM physically within the country & remotely throughout the globe. Since the organizational formation being implemented since 2017 the teams has been contributed in bulk to Global & Regional humanitarian & OSM activations. Over the period the team BHOOT has contributed more than 15 percent of the total MissingMaps contribution of all time resulting 07 of top 10 contributors in the leaderboard. This is just a mere example of how broad the contribution of the team to the global goal of HOT & OSM. There are ample lot of elaborated discussions can be done of how the teams are bringing added dimensions in contribution through innovation, solution development, resilience modelling & collaboration.

Goal as a Board Member:

During my experience with HOT (Though in a very small scale) I felt the community itself is involved very little in the strategic & organizational core other than just volunteering through mapping & support operations. Though there are numbers of working groups present but very few people are engaged actively from the membership, let alone the common community mappers. I would like to see HOT becoming more inclusive actively, especially in the working groups. Would like to work on the mechanism.

Would love to work on the sustainability of the community groups by scaling up my experience of modality in Bangladesh.

Work to support reforming HOT operational structure towards a more innovation, diversity & gender equity backend solution mechanism.

Broaden Advocacy for HOT in local context. Support HOT’s operational needs & efforts for data consistency.

Last but not the Least:

From the bottom of my heart I always feel myself connected with HOT. I would love to contribute my best with my limited experience & capacity to move HOT forward as a next generation out of the league Organization leading Humanitarian & Open data movement in the coming days.



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