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closed 1232624 abDoug

big bldg is Go Market on north end & rest is carwash; "roof" to NE is fuel

closed 1450814 abDoug

Watch this area for completion of regional pathway (part of Greenway) - important access connection

closed 2975895 taorenxuan

Please fix the alignment of 17 Ave when newer satellite imagery is available

closed 2828386 archpdx

Does this Pier 1 store still exist?

closed 2384837 0b0e

Shouldn't Macleod Tr between Downtown and Anderson Rd be a Primary road? It's the major road that connects downtown with SW Calgary.

closed 2355039 submitted note from a business:
name: GongCha Lincoln Park
phone: 4037277515
twitter: undefined
hours: Monday-Sunday 12pm-8pm
category: ,Beverage Store
address: 14A Richard Way Southwest, Calgary

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