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Schnelle Hausnummernerfassung in JOSM

Alternativ dazu vielleicht auch zu empfehlen:

Gebäude wählen,

dann K drücken, [beim ersten mal dann Intervall und Straße auswählen]

dann ENTER für OK,

… und nächstes Haus … oder?

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Very very interesting!

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to follow your steps?

After rebooting the here-in-use Win10 system, I cannot find any “ubuntu” item or option. Is it via Microsoft windows app store or similar?

OpenMapTiles planet-scale vector tile debugging at low zoom

Nice posting!

I would ask myself: is the gol-tool of able to do the filtering you have mentioned that has been done so far by osmium?

Are there any differences in memory or time consumptions?

New mobile editor: Every Door

Hello Zverik , is it possible to activate the Discussion feature in the github repo? I would appreciate!

I've almost developed an alternative to Keypad Mapper 3, Streetcomplete and Osmpad for adding housenumbers

We have a page about SwiftAddress in the OSM wiki now:

Running Potlatch 3 on Linux

Many thanks for this step-by-step instruction set!

What about re-posting this in the new discussions feature at the potlatch3 github repo website?

Thus users can find it more easy instead of this diary item that will vanish more and more in the diaries’ archive …


Beware: version 3.14 (and earlier) of OsmAnd for iOS moves OSM POIs without telling you

So what about BLOCKING all affected Osmand iOS apps according to its version numbers from uploading to the OSM API?

IMHO urgently needed!!

uMap: from user to noob contributor

Thumb up!

I appreciate all your efforts about uMap!

I think there are even some more OSM-related projects that could need help in a similar way …

Deutschland - THR - weitere bevorstehende Gemeinde- und Städtefusionen ....

Welchen Editor benutzt du für deine Änderungen?

Id oder JOSM?

Falls JOSM: Beschäftige dich da mal mit der Suchfunktion, würde ich anregen.

Export to PDF

Maybe see for other ways of PDF creating from OSM data.

New Tutorial on Making Printable Wall Maps

Is there any specific reason why you use osmosis to do some filtering on the raw osm-file?

Have you considered to use osmfilter as an alternative?


IMHO osmfilter is easier to use, and it does not need Java.

AG Fahrrad-Stadtplan Wolfenbüttel

Hinweis auf das evtl. ähnliche Projekt in Lübeck aus 2011:


Hallo User099,

magst du uns vielleicht mal genauer sagen, was du mit deine 6 Blog-Einträgen vom 4.1.2018 beabsichtigen wolltest?

Aus welcher Quelle stammen die von dir genannten Daten zu diesen Geschäften?

Get the gps coordinates for a region/state, area etc

The answer to your question should be already present on

do a SEARCH there for keywords like export, boundary etc.

Kosovo road names


what licence is used by that geoportal when publishing all those road names?

Is that licence compatible to OSM’s ODbL?

So please make sure we all are allowed to derive data from there.

Otherwise: DON’T use that portal for OSM data purposes.

Somebody ....

Hello Simon,

Have you tried to contact that user?

I tried to find him via by setting a filter for the editor in use to “vespucci 0.7.0” … but no results.

What can we do else to contact him?


Open Source Routing Engine GraphHopper 0.9 released

Nice to see the graphhopper engine integrated in the routing feature on … that implementation does pay attention to turn restrictions like it should be!

Thankd for all your efforts!!!

Because that feature of turn restrictions seems to be still missing on normal usage of

Petition in Faroe Islands: they Want Google Street View. Someone should propose OSM!

Then they should have a closer look at … where you can collect and publish crowd based street level images.

You can even display panorama images or 360 degree spherical images like on googl streetview.

OSM Community is even allowed to use all images from there for mapping purposes.

Vídeo tutorial para hacer fotografías 360° en Mapillary

For all users looking for that spherical camera app for Android:

Nachtrag in der öffentlichen Karte

Ist das dieser Bereich?

Hab mir da mal über den Data-Layer alle angeschaut: Alle Gebäude, die in der OSM-Datenbank drin sind, werden auch gezeichnet.

Somit hast du entweder im iD-Editor noch Objekte, welche NICHT hochgeladen wurden, oder du müsstets deinen Browser-Cache mal leeren, mir F5 oder Strg-F5.

Bitte nenne uns mal eine ganz genaue Position, wo Objekte nicht gezeichnet werden.