Although recent development steps of the (Java-less) OSM editor Merkaartor are not so present in the main public OSM channels, there is quite some activity in its github sourcecode repository. We also had the release of version 0.18.3 a few weeks ago!

So the developer Ladislav is asking these days for votes towards the next issues to be solved about Merkaartor in this issue.

Feel free to add opinions or hints there if you have a github account, or try the Merkaartor mailinglist.

Also the translation files for all used text items inside Merkaartor maybe need some polishing, see the Transifex project (where you can also log-in via your github account or similar).

Finally there is a nightly-build service for latest testing versions linked on the OSM wiki via for Windows and OS-X releases.

Comment from Richard on 28 September 2016 at 10:45

Great to see Merkaartor being revived.

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