Osaka Road Improvement

Posted by srividya_c on 12 November 2015 in English (English)

As part of the Japan Road improvement series, we just completed the very important Mega Nagoya where the task description was to align all the major roads according to orthorectified imagery from GSI using the tasking manager of TeachOSM.

The Nagoya task included

  • Realigning of major roads (motorway, trunk, primary and secondary)
  • Create Dual carriageways and highway_link roads with appropriate oneway tags

Nagoya was a well mapped urban area where the roads were very dense and the alignment was done by 23 excited mappers who finished the task in the period of 7days.

screenshot 2015-11-12 18 15 02

Next in the pipeline of improving roads in Japan is Osaka.

Osaka is a well populated second largest metropolitan city in Japan. The roads here are heavily mapped and the data density is huge. The objective of Osaka mapping task is

  • Aligning the major highways(motorway, trunk, primary and secondary).
  • Creating dual carriageways wherever needed with proper oneway tags.

screenshot 2015-11-12 17 57 27

Visit task page on teachosm, to follow the instructions on how to map and join your hands in improving roads in Japan. The instructions are also available in Japanese, Spanish, Russian and English.

For more information on why road alignment is needed in Japan, you can read dairy post by PlaneMad which states different data issues in Japan.

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