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Fahrstühle... over 7 years ago

Ich würde deine Kritik auf deren Diskussionsseite anbringen - hier antworten sie zumindest:äge_Indoor

Wenn da steht “sie warten noch weitere Rückmeldungen ab” - dann die bitte an euch, bringt weitere Rückmeldungen ein! Ich bitte um guten Ton, denkt dran: “Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so kommt es zurück.”

Making the switch from Wikimapia to OpenStreetMap over 7 years ago

Welcome, Jat!

Your blog post was mentioned on (German) - and for sure, once it is translated to English and other languages, will get worldwide attention!

If you are looking for information about specific OSM stuff, have a look at our ‘knowledge base’, the OSM Wiki.

Or you can just ask questions at the mailing lists or the forum.

Remember the golden rules of OSM:

  • Have fun!
  • (and don’t copy from other maps) :-)
Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop over 7 years ago

@Klumbumbus - thanks for the hint (via #10727) to traffic_signals:direction! I’ve updated the style to also support that key.

Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop over 7 years ago

@dieterdreist I prefer the KISS - “keep it simple stupid”-principle. As it is with turn lanes and destination on ways, I urge for no relations, if it can be done simpler. Who says it has no meaning? The meaning is created by people/algorithms from its context! And if the parent giving the context is a way or relation, that doesn’t matter.

Btw. - I wasn’t the one suggesting direction=forward/backward. I simply found it in the Wiki - so discussions about this tag are better done in the Talk:-section of the page or on the tagging-ML.

Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop over 7 years ago

@Klumbumbus - Thanks for the hint, didn’t know that! But I wanted to show the direction only on ways with a give_way/stop-sign.

Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop over 7 years ago

@Mknight - yes, it works too in Overpass Turbo - But I want to be sure what I am actually loading in JOSM

Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop over 7 years ago

Thanks also for the hint with the validator, I’ve missed that possibility!

Yes, icon rotating is possible now - but only to absolute values, not relative to the parent road :-/ The only way I can imagine is to return the angles via some Java calls - where I don’t have the knowledge for.

Concerning Traffic lights (highway=traffic_signals) - yes, they are supported in the style too.

Thanks for you reply!

How many days or weeks does it take to upload the whole planet via Osmosis ? over 7 years ago

I see the load is only 2, which should be at least 8 on an octa-core. And your Mem and Swap are both 100% full… More interesting than “top” would be the output of “iotop” - I guess its your I/O that’s limiting you.

Do you have an SSD? Without that, forget importing the whole planet^^. Africa may has worked because the DB fitted (at least important parts) inside your 16GB RAM. You need either enough RAM (512G?) or an SSD for OSM planet imports :-)

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap almost 8 years ago

Is there ANY case that cannot be solved with turn:lanes key?

If yes, then go this way - for the special case. If not, please no more unneeded relations. It should be simple for the users, not for the routers. A router has only to be programmed once, the mappers have to do it every time.

And before investing time to write relation parsers for Routers, please invest the time to rewrite the JOSM plugin to support the turn:lanes scheme! It will save a lot more time worldwide - O.K., not your time, but the time of others - hey, we’re on OSM here, we’re doing exactly this thing the whole time - improve the map so a lot of other people benefit :-)

1000 over 8 years ago

I’ve also doing this for two years or so for my city (Graz, ~300.000 inh.). There were 10-15 new users a month, and statistically every second month our monthly local pub meetup “Stammtisch” grows by one member. So you get one-in-a-thirty rate of new users for joining our meetup, which isn’t bad in my opinion.

But maybe this rate depends on the size of the region and vicinity of the meetup place.

Is there an automated system for doing so? I’ve been doing it manually up to now.

PostgreSQL/PostGIS optimizations for Rendering over 9 years ago

Thanks Vincent, i have updated the how-to a bit to your comments.

I’m using a only slightly modified version of the osm-carto stylesheet - of course it depends on it.

  • shared_buffers - of course, i mixed it up in the how-to.
  • wal_buffers: i did read 16M somewhere, did not test it - but thanks for the hint on checkpoint_segements, which i forgot to mention

no, i havent known or tried any other analyzers ;-) I’m completely new in the field of DB optimizing - thanks for the hints!

Convert OSM Data into Shapefiles almost 10 years ago

Hi ab_fab,

osm2gis has some limitations, e.g. you cannot choose the attributes/columns - I’m looking for a way to convert my own selection of tags used in the osm data into attributes in the shapefiles.

greetings, Michael

Buildings in MHG almost 13 years ago

Not yet, but tried it out after your hint - will use it next time :-)