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A walk around the Planets

Posted by sodacamper on 23 December 2018 in English (English)

Strewn around the village of Ringgenberg, the Ringgenberg-Goldswil Planet Walk (or “Planetenweg Brienzersee”, as it was originally titled by habi 3 years ago) is a not very prominent, but enjoyable local attraction.

There are about 20 such planet walks in Switzerland. My children just had the topic of space exploration at school, so they were very motivated to go from stop to stop, looking at the scale models of the planets and reading the information boards. And I realised that only the first three of the planets were to be found in OSM.

This is my first time editing OSM with this user account (I seem to have lost access to older ones), and on top of that I was using Vespucci as an editor for the first time. But the process was pretty intuitive, and I managed to link my new nodes to extend the existing Relation, as well as make some changes to the underlying data.

The question of who maintains this walk is a bit open. Only the English Wikipedia entry for the village currently mentions the walk, and online I could only find basic references to it from the local (archived) and national tourist boards. The only other source of information, besides mentions from local tour guides, is the Swiss Astronomical Society. If anyone finds more literature, I would be keen to know when this was built, and how it is maintained.

I’ve only gotten as far as Saturn today, which leaves 4 points, including Pluto, out there to discover and map. Maybe tomorrow.. And if you have comments on my Changesets or any other ideas for how to contribute to OSM in the region, please let me know!

In the meantime ..

Merry Christmas !

Location: Räbhalta, Ringgenberg (BE), Verwaltungskreis Interlaken-Oberhasli, Verwaltungsregion Oberland, Bern, 3852, Switzerland