Houston (Texas, US) area: help requested

Posted by skquinn on 7 June 2013 in English (English)

I have begun working on the following:

  • Traffic signals, particularly near where I live or where I drive/ride frequently.
  • Re-mapping what is now Northline Shopping Center (formerly Northline Mall).
  • Various other road reclassifications (secondary to tertiary, secondary to primary, etc) using my best judgment.

The first task alone, I could easily spend a whole month on. I would really appreciate it if someone could help out. Downtown’s traffic signals are pretty much completely mapped, but not very many outside of there.

The second, I cleared out most of what was there and began mapping obvious parking areas. This was in good faith, in the hope of helping whoever wanted to map the area.

The main change on the third item is downgrading Fulton north of Tidwell to a tertiary route. This section is only two-lane undivided and I felt leaving it secondary was a mistake. I may be making some other changes in the area, and I usually explain my rationale in the change comments. If you feel I’ve made a mistake, do let me know.

Location: Hawthorne Place, Houston, Harris County, Texas, 77076, USA

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