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Mapillary seems to be Losing It’s Marbles over 4 years ago

It’s my impression that Mapillary looses the contact with the user base generating business value for them more and more. They did a few things to annoy contributors in the past:

  • Not releasing the app under an open licence (so we – the community – cannot improve it)
  • Changing the app so it suddenly requires Google services (or whatever it is called exactly) and therefore denying users with alternative Android operating systems such as Fairphone Open OS the ability to upload from the app
  • Closing the Github Issue tracker and therefore denying insights into what problem already have been reported

Things might have changed recently, I didn’t bother anymore to inform myself closely.

To be fair, Mapillary had good moments too, such as:

skorbut (who has uploaded more than 250k images to Mapillary)

Idea for Peer review workflow using OSMcha almost 6 years ago

I posted some questions at

Here’s a followup question open for discussion:

If mappers tick the checkbox, should they be able to ask specific questions what they want to be reviewed? Example: “Can you look at the building in the north, I’m not sure if I used the tag building:part=… correctly.”

Mapillary-Straßenbahnmapping about 8 years ago

Es gibt eine Möglichkeit, die Blickrichtung innerhalb von Mapillary zu ändern:

Dazu das Foto anschauen, z.B. das hier:

Dann das Symbol unterhalb des Fotos klicken, das aussieht wie ein Quadrat mit Bleistift, bzw. die direkte Variante: Im Link den Teil /im/ ersetzen mit /e/.

Dann unter Sequence Settings auf der rechten Seite die Option “Camera was pointing at 0 degrees to the forward direction.” ändern zu 180 Grad und den Button “Correct angles” klicken.

Das ganze muss dann gespeichert werden und wird von Mapillary geprüft, bevor die Änderung aufgeschalten wird.