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OAM-QGIS-plugin: development update #5 over 7 years ago

This looks super promising! :-)

Any update since September?



Let's Map Qursaya about 10 years ago

Interesting post!

Have a look at the side-by-side comparison OSM / Google:

It looks like Google is starting to improve it as well. But still far behind OSM


Start about 11 years ago

By the way, as almost no data is currently available in OSM for this region, is it better to "correctly" map a few villages (using ways to delineate the boundaries of the villages), or rather to map many villages, just using a single node, in order to have something to start with?

Start about 11 years ago

Yes, I know the place quite well, as I've been living there more than 2 years. Will now need to gather my own data and maybe to plan some field trips over the summer. It actually has more than "a bit" of missing data: