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Term Paper Topics on European Studies

A Brief History of Germany

This paper will seek to understand Germany, and the climate, natural resources, and health care that preside in this country. By making a detailed analysis of these factors in Germany’s geography, we can learn how Germany has little sources for oil and coal, but has a great abundance of metals to help import these valuable energy resources. In this manner, we can a socialistic health care system, which we can analyze alongside the mild weather conditions of the region.

A Comparative Analysis Between The EU Model and NAFTA.

This undergraduate paper to do my essay a writer examines how the European Union serves as a model for political and economic integration. The author presents his reasons why he thinks that the members of NAFTA my follow a similar path

A Compare and Contrast of the Roman (509 B.C. to 476 A.D) and French (1790 to 1900) Histories

This paper will examine the comparison and contrast of France and Roman governing bodies. By looking into the naval and strategic manners of revolutionary change in these two civilizations, we can see how they relate to one another.

A Critical Analysis of Samuel Pepys Diaries.

This paper will discuss the diary of Samuel Pepys and seek to critique the nature of the diaries that he had written in the 17th century England. By analyzing his view of the Reformation in England, we can see the contrasts and early measures of historian that Pepys seems to foreshadow in his writings, and does not capture in a historical sense the more solid basis ‘historians’ may nowadays.

A Failed Dominion: Relations between the Italian Fascist State and Italian Women.

This paper according to academic transcription service will argue that, contrary to popular opinion, Italian Fascism did not “rule” women. Indeed, the early Fascist Party was actually a strong supporter of more equal roles for women. Even later, when the Fascist government altered its policies toward women in order to co-opt conservative and Catholic forces, it will be seen that almost every policy initiative of the state that touched upon women and women’s role in society failed spectacularly.

A Group in Chaos: The Socialist Party of France

This essay considers the history, current electoral defeat, and present aims of the Socialist Party of France.

A Historical Analysis of the Treaty of the Anglo-Irish I 1921.

Choosing this topic to write my paper I will discuss the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 that created a New Ireland in the wake of British Imperialism on the Irish island. By discovering the war for independence that created this treaty, we can how it affected the people, as well as the way that British sovereignty was lessened in the aftermath of the bloodshed.

A Paper on Napolean’s Excursions of War into Egypt, The Muslim Situation during the Time, and the Civil Codes of the Consulate.

This paper will discuss Napolean’s excursion into Egypt and discuss why the British there defeated him. A case will be presented on what happened at the Battle of the Nile and how the Muslims reacted to the invasion. Also, a description of how Napolean overcame these defeats and established the Consulate by overthrowing the Directory. Also, his popularity with the people will be discussed and the Civil Codes installed for the people of France in the time period.