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My HOT and OSM year in 2013 over 4 years ago

Sorry sorry, corrected :\

OSM mapping at regional or national scales: aiming at creating consolidated reference layers / La cartographie OSM à échelles régionales et nationales : l'objectif de créer des couches de référence consolidées over 4 years ago

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@Pieren I am figuring out I was not very clear. I do not promote something by zone but by thematics over, let us say, a national scale. But yes, even by thematic is not new. What I want to promote is: add mapping goals organized as logical steps, starting with the very basics + set the tools to do this efficiently, especially in countries where the OSM project is starting with less contributors than in other countries. I was talking about these contexts, not those in developed countries where I rarely map. This is something that came out from my mind when I tried, around 2 years ago, to make a map of Haiti at national scale. I then figured out that the main roads were both a tag mess and unfinished, that the communes were not all present, etc. I know there is mapping projects that encompass eg main roads goals like in Brazil where I used to live or France. I did that as well myself for Central African Republic. But listing road sections is not very efficient to monitor the progress as a map can be (eg this one provides a better overview of what has been precisely mapped and the potential of Bing imagery than any, this is why I would like to create specific TM jobs for this, but the tool needs to improve a bit before. What do you think?

@seav yes, being focused on National scale level. I would add the landuse=residential areas for all the cities, towns an villages as part of adding the localities' names (at elast for the areas I use to map in Africa). But again, the goal is to get a visual monitoring of this to facilitate the mapping progress.