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New contributor experience almost 5 years ago

This is great feedback both for new users, but also for us more experienced mappers who need to bear in mind the experience of those just getting started. I'm going to share your notes with a group of new mappers I work with in a government agency. I think it will help orient them and perhaps encourage them to comment on their own experiences as new mappers.

Open geospatial's & OSM's bright future in Cleveland (2013 Kick-Off Meeting Recap) over 5 years ago

Good going. Nice to see more local groups springing up.

Hyattsville Mapping Party over 5 years ago

I like the idea of visualizing mapping party activity. It both tells the story of what was mapped, but also can be an important indicator of where on-the-ground changes have occurred.

I also like the notion of some sort of post-even tag analysis. That could be a really effective QA tool

Alex noted (correctly) that there is data we collected that still needs to be added. I've noticed is that some mapping parties are more productive than others. Depending on the level of detail, most mappers can gather a LOT of data in a short amount of time, and that often the sticking point in the workflow is when we re-convene to upload, edit, tag, and post. That's largely a function of the experience of the mappers, but something we need to work on improving. I favor local libraries over pubs/coffee shops because I think they typically have facilities that better lend themselves to the mapping workflow and hence, make for a better story & visualization.

Thanks for the good thoughts, Mikel. I like the suggestion to map local War of 1812 sites. Perhaps our next party?