Map Maker Canada schadenfreude

Posted by scruss on 6 February 2016 in English (English)

Aww — looks like Google Map Maker is editable again in Canada. It’s got some restrictions now, including one that The Great Unwashed can’t edit polygons any more (which, in my ‘hood at least, means no more polygons nicked wholesale from OSM). But the main new feature is: “Top mappers in your country are now empowered to moderate your edits”. These Regional Leads bless your edits … once they get around to it.

Seems that most of the comments on the Canada forum are of the form “I added my business X months ago, why hasn’t it shown up?”

Now, if only there were a thoughtfully moderated alternative to Map Maker out there … ☺

Comment from redsteakraw on 6 February 2016 at 15:30

How were polygons being taken from OSM? Do they have an input tool or did they manually take the polygons? Who was taking the polygons anyway, were these one off users, companies, educational institutions?

Comment from scruss on 9 February 2016 at 11:07

I don’t know how, but there are features that appear to be point-for-point the same in Map Maker as OSM.

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