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Map Validation at Facebook

Thank you for this long article! It is a long way to a perfect OSM, but I think we are on the right way.

Big corporations are paying Openstreetmap mappers. Are you getting paid yet?

Great idea! Together we can reach a lot of things!

My first OSM milestone completed

Wow, wow, wow, great work! Only together we can make the OSM more precise!


Very good keywords!

StreetComplete in Ireland: part 2

Thank you for this article. I like street complete very much. It is great to make the OSM more detailed - and that should be the aim for our work here!

Recent things

Thank you for your work! Together, we can make the world (on the map) a better and more detailed place!

113 Vaccination Facilities for COVID-19 added in Fortaleza/Brazil

Great work! Only together, we can stop Corona!

Better map - Better experience

Great ideas! But I think, I have read them in an other blog, havenĀ“t I?