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Just started playing with OSM almost 14 years ago

Hi dotsha. Have a look at the flyovers in Klang I did. Such as "simpang lima". Basically, I only used bridge=yes tag. Nice to see you here .sha. ;-)

Conclusions about Potlach rant almost 14 years ago

I've just had my second extended live editing session with potlatch in my area. My first potlatch session for a small housing estate was almost two months ago. Anyway, I find potlatch UI quite well thought out. Even though I don't immediately see how to do something, a quick read at Potlatch/Prime in the wiki, explains things.

I agree with other commenters that potlatch is really intended for "low barrier" editing by newbies to mapping. Being able to edit just with a browser (having flash plugin) is really a big plus for newbies mapping.

After spending the time to map my areas, and remembering the mistakes I've made in the past few days, I wondered whether potlatch should give a warning to newbie users, when doing a move/change to a way/point that was created by other users? Would that help in preventing newbie potlatch users from easily destroying work by more experiences mappers, without hindering newbie mappers adding new map features?

author name in JOSM almost 14 years ago

Mmm ... Did I insist? I thought I suggested. Hehe. ;-}

Now I see how to look for who edits the named ways in osmarender on OSM. Looking at this area, I'm thinking of editing that Jalan Raya Barat into a single way. The divider is so small and have opening for every junction, that I believe better just one way is better for mapping it. Regarding routable IMG map via Mapcenter2, how do you get turn restrictions into OSM?

Unable to calculate route: no roads near starting point almost 14 years ago

You can make routable map from OSM, by converting to MP, and compiling on into IMG format. I think you may also have to edit the MP to with GPSMapEdit to automatically add routable nodes.

Failure almost 14 years ago

Hi James. We've been using GPSProxy v2.2c with Garmin Que software on our PDA for a lot of our tracklogs on Malsingmaps. More info at and's_modified_GPSProxy_versions . Wsian's modifications allows storage of 1sec tracklogs. The tracks I've uploaded to OSM are using the above combination (GPSlim 236 BT GPSr and O2 XdaIIs). Hope that is useful. ;-)

Brisbane Bus Routes, OSM relations and Potlatch almost 14 years ago

Your work on bus routes looks interesting. I'll certainly will be looking at what you've done, when I start doing similar on bus routes in my corner of the planet. BTW, are you looking at too?

Shah Alam, Setia Alam Eco Park almost 14 years ago

Managed to upload an hour after. Now completed mapping Setia Alam Eco Park. With included "Landuse:Brownfield" area marked. That doesn't seem to have a preset value in Potlatch. :-?