Mapping different countries, one a day

Posted by sabas88 on 6 January 2014 in English (English)

Imgur After seeing an article on The Verge - this one - about the launch of I wondered if there was something to do involving OSM. The mission of the social network is to try to make a resolution and stick to it for at least 100 days, filming a short 10 seconds video segment.

Well, I chose to make a small contribution in a different country each day, and today I did a changeset in Jamaica as my sixth country. Long way to go, but I’ll try (to make viewable the video I make circa 6 minutes of editing, so between 50 and 150 edits usually). Here’s how I work to do this:

  • the global map is a shapefile from Natural Earth rendered with qgis (3 pictures each lasting 15-16 frames)

  • I use recordmydesktop to do the recording (resulting in a ogv file)

  • ffmpeg to convert from ogv to avi

  • kdenlive to mix them up, the video is accelerated to fit 205 frames

Here’s my project link (which was also selected as featured)

Location: 43.866, 8.943

Comment from رامز on 7 January 2014 at 01:11

WOW! they steal my idea (^_^) that’s near of what I was thinking to implement in OSM and discussed it with @SimonPoole Here ..Turning mapping into a real challenge and set levels like editing “2 countries in a day” then “20 countries in a week” or “complete 10 POI near you then 50 then 100” and so on by making adding info. to the map as game levels with account promotions like “newbie member to expert member to elite member…etc” will make people more enthusiast to enhance OSM.

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