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Is there an app? Who's doing the app? over 10 years ago

I use OSMtracker on Android to record my route and upload it for mapping in Potlach

Getting railway tunnels (almost) right over 10 years ago

Great dedication to improving the maps. Very interesting viewing underground lines on maps.

Need to draw a building internal courtyard over 10 years ago

OK, seems like the tiles hadn't been rendered and I was just being impatient. Thanks.

@joakimfors - yes, in my searches I read some post about that and will make those changes.

Home over 10 years ago

For instance, I found your address by looking at the recent posts via Didn't need to be logged in, know your username etc.

How to edit large ways? over 10 years ago

Thanks everyone for sorting that Yahoo imagery relation out.

Interesting BBC article on street names/addresses over 10 years ago

Similiar issues in Costa Rica, where they address relative to the nearest intersection. 3rd House from right corner of the main square.

fustrated with Potlatch almost 12 years ago

I have the same problem, using Potlatch in Chrome, on a specific computer. It seemed to work on another machine. It seems to have started about July. The error occurs when trying to upload changes, downloading data is not a problem, and it doesn't seem to matter what time of day.

It is a pity, I switched to Josm but its not as convenient to use.

Nokia 5800 over 12 years ago

Queste note sono molto utili per me. Ho acquistato un Nokia 5800 di recente e volevo sapere che cosa il software di monitoraggio per l'uso. TTGPSLogger è esattamente ciò ho bisogno. Grazie. (Da inglese da Google Translate)