We now have a considerable proportion of the body of Epworth Field Papers, and we are hoping to start inputting as soon as possible.

We ran into some interesting issues in Epworth, to do with security, permissions and consent. We are working on the Wiki page for the job, and on which administrative levels to use. Rather than using, or ‘imposing’ external frameworks onto the randomised address system, it was important to have datasets which reflected the ‘oral/institutional’ memory of those on the ground delivering or directing help. Epworth’s way of locating people for patient tracing (HIV and other ongoing treatments) is locked and protected in the memories of our workers on the ground.

This set of data has been carefully thought-out in order only to add to, and not to compromise, the well-being and resilience of this massively under-censussed and under-represented population.

Join us on 16th to get the data into JOSM and online.

Zimbabwe Blog:

We shall be playing with GPX traces, mapillary and Water Surveys on the night, and are still looking for the venue.

Comment from Stalfur on 7 June 2015 at 13:03

I have automatically categorized data quality for settlements in Zimbabwe,while it might not help much with Harare itself it should assist in finding places in need of some extra mapping. Check it out at Settelements - Zimbabwe

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