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Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 8 days ago

@dzertanoj Your comment really caught my eye. gatekeeper is nowhere near that negative of a term in American English.

Depends. Gatekeeping is a very negative term among trans* people in USA and elsewhere, it refers to the denial of medical/legal resources needed for transition. (linky)

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap 11 days ago

Questions about the licence are really about what you value. I think everyone agrees that without the share-alike clause, OSM data would be in more places. But some (including me) would rather have a share-alike part than the more uses-without-share-back-requirement. For me, that's the better trade off. Different people value different things, and I'm glad OSM, in general, values share-alike and has it in the licence.

Don't be a square: JOSM wants me to only have round buildings about 1 month ago

@raito That fixed it! And is actually quite obvious! It's clearly what @mmd was talking about. Thanks to you both! 🙂🙂🙂

Don't be a square: JOSM wants me to only have round buildings about 1 month ago

Looks like you hit one of the hotkeys.

Perhaps, but the bottom left shows what keys & mouse buttons I'm pressing, and all I press is the left mouse button. 🤷‍♂️

what tool did you use to create that gif?

Peek and then key-mon to show the keyboard/mouse status on the bottom left.

Hello World about 1 month ago

Welcome to OSM! Any questions, just ask away. Have fun.,

Hello to all my geographical brothers and sisters. about 1 month ago

*"Hope you enjoy mapping" that should be!

Hello to all my geographical brothers and sisters. about 1 month ago

Welcome to OSM! Hope you mapping. Take care on the roads.

I am an Indigenous She mapper about 2 months ago

There's also a GeoChicas group

I am an Indigenous She mapper about 2 months ago

Always good to get more mappers from more backgrounds.

BTW we have a mailing list for discussion of diversity issues in OSM if you'd like to join:

captcha 2 months ago

On the other hand, I'm kinda sick and tired of the SPAM that comes through the RSS feeds of .

Me too! The spam is usually removed quick enough. If there was a feed that delayed everything by a few hours, then I'm sure you wouldn't see any spam.

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

my post clearly explains why Mapbox and Microsoft can't put the sat images into BitTorrent

The way it was written implied that Mapbox (unlike Microsoft) had purely technical problems ("server load"), so I suggested a technical solution. My apologies if I misread you.

Facebook has released the AI part of the road detection code

Cool! I hadn't seen that. It's only new (less than a month old). About a year ago Facebook said they weren't releasing the code, which is why I thought that.

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

I'm not inherently opposed to using more computer vision, but it should be done well. But it's bad to have big tech companies like Facebook not releasing their code or their data. Mapbox could use BitTorrent to distribute the satellite imagery to save their server load, but then they'd have to give up control.

Rather than everyone adding to the wiki map, there's a trend for a priestly class of tech workers in Silicon Valley (i.e. white male Americans) who use their massive server farms to generate the AI results. It's a great way to exclude everyone who can't rustle up millions in VC money.

Geochicas, closing the gender gap in OSM is a path that is just being mapped 4 months ago

Keep up the good work. 👍

OSM Provided Services Are Not a Safe Place 5 months ago

Important reminder: There can be massive personal costs to making specific accusiation of racism/sexism/etc, and this can cause people to not want to name names, and get specific. This can depend personal circumstances, e.g. an employee is less likely to accuse their boss, compared to a random person. If it's unsafe to make complaints. don't be surprised if there are no complaints. Likewise, privilege can blind people to seeing things. Just something to keep in mind.

On osmf-talk@, I've seen some homophobia & transphobia. I don't think I've seen any racism, and maybe seen things that might be misogyny. I'm open to correction, I might be wrong!

OSM Provided Services Are Not a Safe Place 5 months ago

could you provide some authoritative data on which forms of harassment that European culture thinks is acceptable?

I don't believe Euros & USAians have a difference w.r.t. harassment, but there definitely different levels of what is considered polite, and hence what's considered rude.

It's noticeable when I (a Euro) interact with American customer services, they seem to be overtly pleased to help you, in UK/IE there is a different, lower, expectation. I've found many other Euro countries to be like this too. I don't expect someone to hyper enthusiastic to help me. This is something that American immigrants to Europe mention. When looking at Trip Advisor reviews for a place in Europe, and you see an American complain about unfriendly service, take it with a grain of salt. 😉

Summed up in this tweet:

Lovely culture clash moment in the London cafe I'm sat in. US man to waiter: Hi! Hey, what's your name? Waiter, with grave suspicion: Why?

There some other cultural differences, like "Free Speech". In many european countries Holocaust denial is illegal. In the US the ACLU will defend neo-Nazis marching in a Jewish area. Some Americans think this is an intolerable restriction on free speech, a form of harassment against unpopular ideas if you will. Many European states restrict gun ownership, which some in USA might view as infringement on rights. Not really OSM relevant though. 🙂

What is harassement [sic] and bullying from your point of view?

This email.

It's a shame that stamping out hate speech is getting mixed up with "Let's require people to always be respectful like American PR speak". 😔

OSMF should vote more often...... 5 months ago

Just remember, you can only vote if you join the OSMF more than 30 days before the AGM. You can't vote if you join the day before!

2017 Board Election Statistics 5 months ago

I am really interested in how close Joost was to being elected, and why he wasn't.

The textual breakdown of the results on opavote can answer that. Joost got to the 3rd round, with 156.75346 votes, and was up against Paul with 158.29034. With 2 candidates & 1 seat, Paul won. Interestingly, there were 2.95620 votes discarded at that round, and they could have swung that round if those 2 people had voted for Joost.

Pokemon Go made me start editing OSM 6 months ago

Welcome to OSM! When you edit something, it's on OSM straight away, but who knows how/when/if Niantic do a data update.

Announcing my candidacy for OSMF Board Elections 2017 6 months ago

I want to join the OSMF Board to primarily help increase representation from the AU/NZ/South Pacific Region, and indigenous populations worldwide

Indigenous people are currently very marginalised, globally and locally, so this is a worthwhile goal. Can you tell us some of your past history working with indigenous people, or in activism and organisation around indigenous issues?

Therapeutic effects of mapping 7 months ago

Or teach the computer to recognise traffic signs.

Computers are taking our relaxing hobbies!