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Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... over 5 years ago


Especially don’t try panning the view. It makes Potlatch2 seem blazingly fast.

I don’t remember the early alpha/beta versions of iD being sooo slow.

I think I might leave it a while before attempting to use iD on my mobile phone…

Is it possible to have access to statistics about the application of tags to GPS traces? almost 6 years ago

Good question - I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think there’s any easy way (not without resorting to importing the full GPX data into your own Database and running queries against it – eek! – see for the gory details)

Perhaps you’ll have more luck asking this question on the help site:

impassable gate? almost 6 years ago

Not quite sure what you mean by ‘impassable (tall)’! Height restriction?

There is the opening_hours tagging to specify timing properties:

Light up my way! about 6 years ago

+1 for cycling and walking.

IMHO lighting for cars is fairly irrelevant - you have powerful lights to see by and a metal box to keep you safe.

Which route I would take in a car would hardly ever be effected by the lighting. Horses for courses I suppose.

Have the lights been completely removed from the above mentioned places? Parts of the A3(M) around north Portsmouth are on an energy saving mode so they turn off around midnight to about 6am.

I’ve often thought about blanket setting all roads in Portsmouth to lit=yes, but I haven’t been bothered. Cycleways/service roads/footpaths vary greatly and I’ve tended to tag those.

To my mind, in principal a router should automatically assume roads in a (UK) city/large town are lit. I would have thought not being lit is exception. Small towns/villages are much more variable.

changing mapping interests about 6 years ago

Initially I into mapping bridleways and footpaths, but most of those around my neck of the woods is very complete.

ATM I’m addicted to postboxes and max speed tagging, but also adding missing road names, adding shops.

Then there’s things no other maps have like recycling facilities, lighting, surfaces, etc…

The more involved you get the more you realise there is to map.

Mapathon - Operation Cowboy about 6 years ago

Maybe this could be tied in with a new Map Roulette challenge for Arm Chair mappers?

I suspect the current connectivity errors could already be all fixed by the end of November.

OSM Server Virtual Machine Available Now. over 6 years ago

Good stuff!

I’ve always thought about doing something similar, but other things have taken priority.

I thought maybe the setup for the VM (as far as possible) should be configured itself (and as such held under source control eg in github) rather than a collection of [Wiki] instructions.

Vagrant seems a good open system for defining Virtual Box images, see:

but I can’t say I’ve actually used it.

Royal Mail Pinpoint over 6 years ago

Good work.

I’m not entirely convinced how accurate the collection times are anyway, the other day I posted a postcard and just in time caught the post person emptying the box at 7pm. The box’s listed time was around 5:30pm.

IHMO It’s just a guide as too whether it’s likely to be an early or late final collection, and to know where the definitive late post box time is for the area.

I think collecting the post box type & royal cypher is vaguely interesting (on a historical slant) as the Royal Mail themselves may not have this info.

Royal Mail Pinpoint over 6 years ago

‘I rather hope that they build a dataset of their postboxes…’

They already have.


And to go about mapping it: