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How many POIs does OpenStreetMap have? 6 months ago

Some other POIs:

Nearly 7.4 million individual trees

0.5 million historic=memorial/monument/wayside_cross|shrine

over 0.4 million peaks

Improving the OSM Map - why don't we? [11] over 1 year ago

Indeed, normally within a city: place=suburb or place=neighbourhood could be more appropriate, which themselves may be governed by some kind of administrative body.

The key point here is that a hamlet is isolated; whereas suburbs and neighbourhoods form continuums within a larger administrative area (i.e. a city).

If they are trying to indicate even more precise areas, there is place=locality; which is probably more nebulous and less likely to have a formal administrative distinction, but more akin to how people would name the area they live in.

New road style for the Default map style - the first version over 1 year ago

Disclaimer, I'm British so I might be biased towards the current OSM Standard styling.

I'm not entirely sure if changing the major road styling is an optimum strategy. Given the current styling has been in use for 5+ (?) years, many people may be used to how the standard map looks. When was the last major change to the style?

By all means create alternative styles, but to enforce such a high level visible change could easily create a lot of confusion / annoyance for many users.

Funny highway shortcuts with the new routing feature about 2 years ago

Rovastar: I suppose one could map the physical barrier bollards/posts - but I agree the access rights are not for general public use and thus need to be defined better.

I probably would have used access=private, maybe adding emergency=yes would be even better. One assumes Emergency services could do such daring 180 degree manoeuvres.

Learn-a-tag: highway=escape about 2 years ago

Very interesting.

I remember some on Porlock Hill, UK ( - not currently mapped) and some others else where from journeys many years ago but unfortunately for remote mapping via aerial imagery is difficult / not possible as these areas tend to be covered by trees.

OS Locator update 201411 over 2 years ago

Note that gpsbabel can convert .osm files into GPX files.


Creating/improving MTB paths at Medvednica mountain over 2 years ago

I use Waymarked Trails to view all kinds of outdoors routing. There is a specific version for MTB:

'We Fit' FAIL, Google FAIL, OpenStreetMap WIN over 2 years ago

Interestingly another low bridge incident:

The height limit is marked in OSM since 18 November 2013

Neither of the BBC stories mention the Sat-Nav make/data provider.

Water in OpenStreetMap over 2 years ago

An excellent MapRoulette challenge - thanks.

[Although one could argue for the case of large elevation change (e.g +200m) or ways from the sea - could be automatically fixed by a bot].

It would be nice if the link to edit with Id used the main's Id rather than the version!

1000th Edit over 2 years ago


Here's to the next 1000 edits!

All the best.

Another new MapRoulette challenge: Suspected Missing / Wrong One Way Streets almost 3 years ago

Are you using Telenav GPS traces (so presumably only driving traces) or OSM traces?

Otherwise for OSM traces one would need to filter out traces from walking which presumably can go in any direction, for example perhaps just discarding traces with slow average speeds when performing vehicular type analysis.

Can you also enlighten us on the 'confidence level' methodology? (or mention in your SOTM talks)

Thanks for all the improvements to MapRoulette.

Am I the Only One... about 3 years ago

Yes definitely.

I've taken to using my SatNav all the time when driving/being driven - mainly for recording random things seen whilst out and about - rather than for routing instructions (generally I know where I'm going!). Alternatively sometimes I video it instead but I don't have a high def device only a cheap £40 one.

It helped when I learnt how to actually create a waypoint on the SatNav - for a Garmin Nuvi255 - just press and hold down on the screen saves a point where you are and name it.

Presently I seem particularly addicted to spotting historic milestones.

Unfortunately they're hard to spot (especially at night!) and on drive (or cycle) by you never have time to see the description on them.

Finding the sections that speed limits apply to is also one of my aims. Often - if I remember - I'll check the speed limit map of where I'm going - to see if it needs improvement.

Elevation about 3 years ago

Cool map styles.

It's always interesting to see new cartography efforts,

cleanup monitoring_station/measurement_station over 3 years ago

Seems generally sensible to me.

The proposal itself mentions amenity=clock, so one observation is why use display:analog=* instead of display=analog (and of course likewise for a digital display)?

NB for a clock the display is always implicitly at least yes, otherwise why map the clock at all :)

Is it a precedent already set that should be followed?

SOTM13 over 3 years ago

Me too - even if I said I was going to do this merge for my locality ages ago.

Although I still have my own collected data (of various other things) to process first...

GPS Traces over 3 years ago

Note that GPS_Editor applies a constant time diff to each point. The time difference between points is kept - thus calculating speeds between points is still viable - and could point to where one has exceeded the speed limit.

However post calculating 'instantaneous' speeds from GPX tracks is not reliable since the standard only has an accuracy rounded to the nearest second. Often my GPX tracks from a Garmin Nuvi saving every second means I can get speeds over 100mph, when otherwise going slowly (or a spurious point)!!

Averaged over a several trackpoints should give a more robust speed value - and hard to deny that would be due to spurious points (especially if a median or modal average is used).

I don't know if the OSM Traces API will allow all trackpoints having the same timestamp - as that would be the only way to remove speed inferences. According to - it says "trackpoints must have a valid timestamp", thus setting all points to 01/01/1900 could be feasible.

Unfortunately it will not help people trying to process these files to gather speed statistics ;)

NB2 that GPS_Editor is Windows only.

Goes off to consider adding some kind of Anonymize Time function to Viking ( which I maintain...

Just tried the new iD OSM Editor... almost 4 years ago


Especially don't try panning the view. It makes Potlatch2 seem blazingly fast.

I don't remember the early alpha/beta versions of iD being sooo slow.

I think I might leave it a while before attempting to use iD on my mobile phone...

Is it possible to have access to statistics about the application of tags to GPS traces? almost 4 years ago

Good question - I don't know for sure, but I don't think there's any easy way (not without resorting to importing the full GPX data into your own Database and running queries against it -- eek! -- see for the gory details)

Perhaps you'll have more luck asking this question on the help site:

impassable gate? about 4 years ago

Not quite sure what you mean by 'impassable (tall)'! Height restriction?

There is the opening_hours tagging to specify timing properties:

Light up my way! over 4 years ago

+1 for cycling and walking.

IMHO lighting for cars is fairly irrelevant - you have powerful lights to see by and a metal box to keep you safe.

Which route I would take in a car would hardly ever be effected by the lighting. Horses for courses I suppose.

Have the lights been completely removed from the above mentioned places? Parts of the A3(M) around north Portsmouth are on an energy saving mode so they turn off around midnight to about 6am.

I've often thought about blanket setting all roads in Portsmouth to lit=yes, but I haven't been bothered. Cycleways/service roads/footpaths vary greatly and I've tended to tag those.

To my mind, in principal a router should automatically assume roads in a (UK) city/large town are lit. I would have thought not being lit is exception. Small towns/villages are much more variable.