Waypoint Symbol Aide Memoir

Posted by robbieonsea on 26 October 2012 in English (English)

Harry Hill style, gotta have your (waypoint) system:

  • Ultravox ; post_box
  • Steve Coast ; guidepost
  • Eddie Izzard ; barrier bollard
  • Frederick Ramm ; ice cream van

But short of trying to invent a Famous Name to a Mapping Feature as an aide memoir, here is my list of waypoint symbols I create (on a Garmin Etrex Legend HCx) whilst out and about on foot or bicycle in England and their meaning:

Symbol | Meaning

  1. Flag, Blue Stile
  2. Flag, Green Gate
  3. Flag, Red Public Telephone [1]*
  4. Block, Blue Bridge
  5. Block, Green Kissing Gate
  6. Block, Red Postbox. Maybe stop* and photograph for extended detail.
  7. Pin, Blue If at begining or end of a way - highway bridleway (i.e. ROW), otherwise in middle of a way - highway track (i.e physical)
  8. Pin, Green If at begining or end of a way - highway footway (i.e. PROW), otherwise in middle of a way - highway path (i.e physical)
  9. Pin, Red   Middle of a way - highway service
  10. City, (Small) On road transistion between 30 mph zone to National speed limit. Off road transistion between path and track.
  11. City, (Medium) Unused
  12. City, (Large) (Symbol is large green blob) Misc feature is here - as an aid to memory. Maybe stop* and photograph.
  • If out cycling especially on road often I don’t want to stop just to map minor details (they could already be mapped anyway). If I stopped and photographed things, then one can geolocate them using the photo timestamp and tracklog - so you don’t need to waypoint it.

[1] I used to map telephones, but don’t do so much any more: a. Telephones out in the UK countryside, may not be in active service anymore. So can’t tell just by passing on bicycle. b. It’s more and more likely you’ll be accessing the map via a mobile telephone in the first place.

The advantage of this method is in not having to stop when cycling to get a first pass level of detail. Using only a limited subset of waypoint symbol makes it possible to create them on the move. Especially for the telephone as there is a waypoint symbol for it, you have to scroll around using a joystick on the GPS device which can be tricky (and take too long and thus dangerous) when on a bicycle.

Obviously other symbols can be used for the normal meanings: places of worship, parking, etc…

One can come up with various schemes to use these points for quickly mapping the details relevent to you.

Location: Hilsea, Portsmouth, South East, England, PO2 9RN, United Kingdom

Comment from LivingWithDragons on 30 October 2012 at 13:25

There is a skill to cycling and taking photos without stopping.

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