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Announcing Daylight Map Distribution 10 months ago

Finbar1, I would guess that the focus of this project is to focus on problematic changesets/edits, not data quality as such.

Mikel, that’s a great insight, on publishing “what didn’t make it through”. Flagging problems (automatic or semi-automatic) frees up the contributor time and allows to fix the problems sooner.

Announcing Daylight Map Distribution 10 months ago

In the past, there have been projects that check routing between known destinations - for example, Berlin -> Paris. If the routed distance differs from the expected one by more than some threshold (or even fails completely), it is flagged for review.

Mapping Mexico with INEGI, you and...Cygnus about 1 year ago

The images have gone missing here… Can they be restored?

Why Search and Rescue Organizations Must Map Out Cellular Phone Towers in OpenStreetMap over 4 years ago

“must of tried” -> “must have tried”; “might of lived” -> “might have lived” “could of been saved” -> “could have been saved”

Greasemonkey, or how to embed OSM into over 4 years ago

in the meantime, geocaching moved to osm as the default (mapquest open tiles), then moved back to google maps when mapquest open tiles disappeared. anybody got a snippet for firefox to use osm again ? google maps… are lacking any and every useful detail.

OSM loves Mapillary over 4 years ago

typo - “pones clock” :)

Retrieving notes with a Perl script over 5 years ago

thanks, i was aware of the note feeds and was following them myself - but i don’t think they allow saving notes to gpx for usage on a gps, do they ?

Processing GPS traces from a Garmin GLO. over 5 years ago

beware - if you do full run on a roundabout or plot a parking lot, gpsbabel will drop more data than needed with the distance option… you can see some discussion here :

as you can guess, such traces are not that good for osm. suggests a simple fix - in that version of gpsbabel, adding

else { break; }

after line 121

COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution about 6 years ago

hopefully this is an attempt at specialised editors and starting a discussion, not a serious intent :)

otherwise i’d like to map beer prices. and bread prices in supermarkets. and availability or alcoholic drinks. and room prices in hotels. oh, and their availability, too…

"For Google's (not) a Jolly Good Fellow!" almost 8 years ago

just to clarify… everybody appreciates contributions, but we are very cautious about copyright. google does not play friendly with us - well, too bad, we have to do without them.

Experience over 9 years ago

wanted to comment on "they did search at my flat as well" part - don't these things require a court order anymore ?

and it would be nice to try to bring this to some larger media outlet - bbc did run some stories on osm - maybe Maggie Shiels wants to pick this up ( or whoever was involved with (phrase it like "help haiti earthquake relief, get arrested in england" or something ;) ) - surely writing this experience in a nice way might attract other media as well.

Scanex to grant OSM access to IRS satellite imagery about 11 years ago

btw, using first wms url in josm, imagery seems to be ~ 50m off to the south for the region i'm interested in. would anybody be interested in a report about that ?

Scanex to grant OSM access to IRS satellite imagery about 11 years ago

excellent, this even covers some small areas in latvia
maybe the company plans to expand in europe ? :)