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New updates to "Latest Changes" 10 days ago

Back button functionality has been implemented.

New updates to "Latest Changes" 25 days ago

Hi Interactiondesigner, gonna try to implement the use of the browser back button to go to the previous view once I have a bit of time. Good idea by the way! This recently crossed my mind as well.

New updates to "Latest Changes" 28 days ago

Thanks 👍!

A little something something #1 about 1 month ago

You can earn a bit with It’s not much every month but I earned quite a bit since 2016 because of the massively appreciating price of Bitcoin. Main motivation should be intrinsic though. At least in my opinion.

Yesterday's polluted and bad weather about 1 month ago

👌 Good luck! OSM needs dedicated mapper like you!

"Latest Changes" is mobile friendly now 7 months ago

It’s strange. When I was working on this error message infobox I wasn’t able to provoke a single http error, no matter how often I downloaded. You guys seem to have a lot more issues.

I could add a spinner loading animation. But a progress bar isn’t really possible because only a single file is downloaded. I’ll have a look.

"Latest Changes" is mobile friendly now 8 months ago

Good idea! Just implemented with help of a locate button below the zoom buttons. Thanks for the hint!

"Latest Changes" is mobile friendly now 8 months ago

This app has a little drawback unfortunately: The database where the information is downloaded (Overpass) stops returning data if too many requests are sent to the server. I could imagine that this happened in your case while zooming to your area of interest. Can you try to open the page again? It should start right at the same location where you left off and only a single server request is sent out. Then it should work.

The power of OSM over 3 years ago

Hi Werner,

I’m pretty sure that there used to be tags to describe the “sexyness” of a road for cyclists. I just tried to find some information about the tags but couldn’t find any. Strange. But definitely very useful once apps actually start to take advantage of this information!

Regards Rene