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Technical data of wind turbines in Danmark are online available over 8 years ago

The data is publicly available, but still protected by danish copyright law. We (i.e. Winbladh) has previously asked [1] for us to use the data, but didn't manage to pursuade Energistyrelsen to license it under a osm-compatible license. sorry


Best regards

Godt begyndt... almost 9 years ago

Hej VicVal,

Det ser da ud til at være en meget god start. Godt arbejde! Vi er efterhånden en del OSM'ere i Danmark og vi er generelt et venligt community, så husk du altid kan spørge om hjælp, hvis du får brug for det. :)

mvh Rasmus

Finally using GPS again about 9 years ago

Good job Niels!

FYI: We are currently at 91.6% way to street coverage at 500m in all off Denmark up from 78.7% when Rasher started outputting data 11 weeks ago.

Street tag about 10 years ago


Danmark needs mappers about 10 years ago

Fyi, and to answer your question. There has formerly been a import of KMS-data, but we have an massive ongoing import of data from AWS now.

FIk endelig lavet noget Vestsjælland about 10 years ago

Over 1000km af Magueritruten skulle allerede være markeret på OSM som en relation, så det er vel bare at tilføje mere data til den. :)

Da ruten er rimeligt stor har den fået sin egen wikiside[1], imens andre ruterelationer, f.eks. vandreruter, cykelruter, motorvejsnettet osv., holdes samlet på individuelle wikisider. De kan allesammen findes nemt via vores nyligt opdaterede hovedside [2].


Aarhus University, Denmark over 10 years ago

Hi Freek,

I think it is easiest if i can comment this with a picture of the University map area. If you send this message to my email (you know it from the mailinglist i think) I can make a useful comment.


Aarhus Vest (Denmark) over 11 years ago

I still live in the area. Maybe I expressed myself wrongly. Sorry about that. English is not my best language. Danish is preferred, but it is after all a english forum (so got to try :)). Yea, I think I will join the meeting, I have just postponed to answer the invitation. I have written myself on the attendance list now :). Thanks for the note.

Venlig hilsen, Rasmus.