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J'en ai fini avec Tours \o/ almost 4 years ago

Cool que tu comptes t attaquer au nouveau reseau TAG. Faire l ancien m avait pris beaucoup de soirees a parcourir l agglo et comme je ne suis plus a Grenoble que la journee je me voyais mal tout refaire...

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike over 4 years ago

Hi Alex,

I disagree with you. Personnaly I contribute to OSM because of the share alike licence. To take you example about Google using OSM data that will increase the community Im not convinced at all. I think that people would not realize that OSM is behind that and they will only join Google Community to contribute to Google Map data. Without a share alike licence these data will certainly remain in Google DB and not be contributed to OSM one because I wonder what would be the interest of Google to share the data with its competitor whereas it doesnt do that today. So at the end Google would benefit of OSM data but OSM will not benefit from this usage in my opinion. OSM continue to grow so I dont see any reason to fallback in a painfull licence change process that will mostly benefit to "consumers" and not to the project itself. This is an endless philosophical debat like the GPL vs BSD in software and I dont think there is a best solution for everyone.

My 2 cents Julien

That was Night of the living maps 2012 over 6 years ago

It was a really good idea but please next time let more time to local team to organize themselves. only 2 weeks to find a place to host the event, advertise people etc this is really really short !!! We succeed but it was challenging