Pulau Putri

Posted by pulauseribu on 12 November 2015 in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

island princess, save a thousand island charm, the island has its own allure with lies 70 km section utara.Pulau daughter with an area of ​​8 hectares.

Island Princess, Thousand Island any direction and looked at my friend saw that looked just beautiful scenery around the island. Various water sport facilities are offered as a tourist attraction, such as:

underwater tunnel or a so-called tunnel aquarium with a length of 15 meters and a depth of 5 meters of tunnels where side coated translucent glass so that visitors can immediately enjoy the pretty coral reefs and colorful fish are visible adorn the beauty around tunnel. You can enjoy the aquarium tunnel at any time because it is always open any time. Aquarium Tunnel position at the right side of the dock. Glass Bottom Boat, namely in the form of a boat with a cabin space that is at the bottom layered thick transparent glass serves to look at and enjoy the view of the seabed under the waters surrounding the island of a thousand. Glass Bottom Boat ship is usually operate from morning until noon, by surrounding coral reefs around the island for 30 minutes. Glass Bottom Boat position there in front of the dock. In the afternoon tourists will be invited to berkelililng area of ​​the Island Princess for 60 minutes enjoying the moment turn the afternoon into the evening, when a tinge of orange began to color the blue sky with rays of light before hiding behind the horizon (berSunset cruise) using the vessel open passenger capacity up to 100 people. scuba diving and banana boat you can enjoy for 15 minutes, bee and cano water can also be used for 1 hour, For those who love the underwater world, can snorkel also near the pier by renting snorkeling equipment.

Pulau Putri -

Location: -5.594, 106.560

Comment from pulauseribu on 12 November 2015 at 06:03

pulau seribu merupakan kumpulan seribu pulau yang berukuran kecil, yang memiliki keindahan luar biasa. Pulau Seribu Resort menawarkan kurang lebih 7 resort, diantaranya adalah Ayer, Sepa, Bidadari, Putri, Pelangi, Alam Kotok dan Pantara. Semua resort tersebut memang direkomendasikan untuk anda yang ingin mengunjungi kepulauan seribu baik bersama pasangan, teman, keluarga dan perusahaan. Di pulau tersebut, anda bisa melakukan aktivitas seperti snorkeling dan juga diving.

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