Chennai Flood

Posted by pratikyadav on 3 December 2015 in English (English)

The south Indian city of Chennai is facing one of the biggest floods in a century with close to 120 cm rainfall this month. It has already claimed 200 lives and has affected the lives of over 6 million residents. The meteorological department has forcasted more rain in the next 48 hours and the situation has been termed crucial.


Source: twitter

Members of the Indian OSM community created tool to crowdsource reports of flooding, and has recieved reports of over 5700 flooded streets in 48 hours. Check the flood-map to see the extent of flooding in the city.


The inner city part of Chennai city is well traced but the outskirts still miss a lot of details in road network. We have setup a project on the tasking manager to trace out these missing roads and waterways.

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Please join the project when you get time to improve the road coverage around Chennai which can be used to report more flooded streets:

Location: Mahaveer Colony, Vepery, Zone 5 Royapuram, Chennai, Chennai district, Tamil Nadu, 600006, India

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