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Mapping roads and buildings in Singapore! about 5 years ago

@BushmanK, thank you so much for sharing this. This is really helpful!

Mapping exit numbers and destinations in Canada over 5 years ago

These guides are a real help in understanding why to prioritise destination=* over exit_to tags. Thank you so much for sharing this, escada.

Get Set Go With Basaveshwaranagar Mapping Party! over 5 years ago

@PlaneMad @GOwin Thank you!

Field Mapping- Indiranagar, Bengaluru over 5 years ago

@Bogdan @Robert, Thanks so much :) :) It was great to read your comments :)

Mapping roads and buildings... over 5 years ago

@Warin61: When dealing with satellite data one is bound to encounter clouds but yes, it is always good to refer to another source, just to be sure :)

@andymackey: Nothing beats field mapping. Agree with you :)

@PlaneMad: yes, radial settlements have a pattern, starting from a single point and spreading outward but it is always harder to understand the pattern because of the irregularity in their growth. Unlike grids, there is no specific direction in which they develop. :) well, anyway that is the beauty of radial settlements.

Birding Spots of Bangalore almost 6 years ago

I want to make a map of all the popular birding spots in Bangalore and upload it on my blog using osm so it will help new birders to find their way to the birding hotspots. Do tell me your opinion :)