Mapper since: June 11, 2018

Usually the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate is obtained on the initiative of the company’s management. But in some areas (for example, aircraft building or light industry) it is mandatory.

The cost of the urgent production of the certificate 9001 is calculated individually. It depends on the type of activity of the organization and the need to conduct an analysis of the management system in the enterprise. We can issue an ISO 9001 certificate in accordance with the state standard at a bargain price. Lawyers will check the available documents and help to complete the missing documents. We conduct certification of enterprises in Moscow and the region on an urgent basis. For more information, please contact our consultant or fill out the online application form.

ISO 9001 certificate (GOST ISO 9001 certificate) is a document that confirms that the company has implemented and successfully operates a quality management system (QMS). Currently, Russia has a new version of the ISO 2015 standards (GOST ISO 9001).

The introduction of a management system involves quite a number of different processes. This is an analysis of the existing situation and activities, the preparation of an adjustment plan, and the development of documentation, and training of the company’s personnel in new principles, the application of procedures that comply with ISO 9001. Here you can see a sample of the certificate ISO 9001