OSMF Board candidates: Yantisa Akhadi

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In preparation for the 2015 OSMF board election I am gathering basic info and question responses by candidate, to help people be better informed about their choices.

I’ve added annotations in italics where I felt they would be useful.

Yantisa Akhadi


Where do you currently participate in the OSMF?

I want to contribute in the Engineering Working Group, unfortunately the meeting time is equal with 00.30am my time. I hope in the future there will be meeting time to cater peoples from different timezones.

Which contributions to OSM should I consider for my decision beyond your data edits at OSM?

her than edits, which is still not much, I was more interested in writing and introduce people about OSM. I have given talks in multiple local, national, international levels to introduce OSM as well as its application in disaster management. There have been multiple blogpost written in our OSM-ID website to tell the story about the event. I am also actively participated in OSM-ID Facebook group, since this much more popular channel compared to OSM-ID mailing list.

Do you use OSM at work for business purposes?

Yes, I currently work as Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Project Manager for Indonesia. Here in Indonesia, we are focusing on how we can use OSM in data preparedness for disaster. In the past 4 years, our team have trained more than 2,400 peoples on data collection using OSM, QGIS and InaSAFE in various phases of disaster as well as economic development.

Conflicts of Interest

I currently work as Project Manager for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Indonesia. In my experiences, any interest of OSM or OSMF would also bring benefits to HOT. So far I haven’t identify how there will be conflicts of interest. Sometimes people identify me from OSM Indonesia rather than HOT, since people tends to more familiar with it. HOT also support OSM community growth in Indonesia by providing resources and deliver OSM outreach to various institutions.

Who should the OSMF serve?

OSMF needs to serve the goal of the foundation which in the end it can only be achieved by serving its members and the OSM users at large. This would also relates with the diversity of its member and users throughout the world, does they already accommodated and represented through its policy and action? Here I would like to represent Asia communities, one of the minorities in term of board/member representation.

Role of the board

Has not responded.

Communication with the community

I am mostly active on Facebook Groups, since in Indonesia, that is where the biggest interaction happens. The OSM-ID talks is pretty quiet. I also like to read the user blogs. I also often meet OSM colleagues from Asia in SOTM Asia or FOSS4G-Asia where we regularly share stories and activities in our country. Occasionally I read articles on OSM from Twitter or shared in Facebook by fellow OSM.

Community involvement in OSMF

I think this relates with transparency as well, other than release the meeting notes, OSMF needs to be more active in social media. It can be by providing regular updates about OSMF activities and working group meeting schedule through Twitter or Facebook. More importantly, we need to listen what members want and what needs to be improved.


I am an Indonesian. I once heard that I’m the only Indonesian joining OSMF as a member. I hope that is wrong. I hope for more active involvement from OSMF members in the region. It would be great if there is more people from my region to join OSMF. I still feel that despite our efforts to continuously proliferate OSM in the region, we still have lots of thing to do. The OSM community in Asia is growing, in Indonesia alone, there are more than 3,000 people joins OSM ID Facebook groups, not to mention OSM Groups formed by universities students. I belief that diversity would keep the OSM community rich, vibrant and alive, yet it is also important to direct these energy to move forward and map the world.

Paying People

Has not responded.

Board term limits

I believe members should be the one to decide such limit and duration. As an OSMF member myself, I choose the board based on how they performed or based on their manifesto and answering QA.


I support transparency in OSMF board’s work since it would provide more open environment where member can also contribute and discuss. I do realize that there are some private matter that cannot be discussed due to legal constraint.

License violation enforcement

I think the existing mechanism works quite well. We cannot always throw every license violation case to OSMF, but surely we can provide mechanism on how to follow up or escalate the issues related to license and possibly involving local communities in the areas.

Imports and remote mapping stance

I support Import as far as it follows the Import Guidelines. I have couple of opportunities where government institutions or organization want to put their spatial data in OSM. Especially as they saw this as an opportunity to join cause in open data movement and their data licence is compatible with ODbL. With remote ‘armchair’ mapping, there should be guidelines as well to reduce common mistakes and assumption.

Commercial and Organized Editing Policy stance

Has not responded.


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