OSMF Board candidates: Douglas Ssebaggala

Posted by pnorman on 28 November 2015 in English (English)

In preparation for the 2015 OSMF board election I am gathering basic info and question responses by candidate, to help people be better informed about their choices.

I’ve added annotations in italics where I felt they would be useful.

Douglas Ssebaggala

  • Location: Uganda
  • OSM User Douglo
  • Manifesto reproduced below

First edit was 4 years ago, and have not looked back ever since, getting involved in other activities beyond mapping, with these upcoming OSMF Board elections, i have great anticipation to show how global the OSM project is: one of the ways that the global reach can be reflected is to have an intercontinental representation on the OSMF Board. Some of the gaps that (i think) need to be covered is how the OSMF relates to the community of users, being part of the awesome board members, and well wishers will greatly improve on how best this relationship can be communicated, and strengthened.


Where do you currently participate in the OSMF?

I have participated in the Local Chapters Working Group, and would be willing to have more frequent involvement in this WG.

Which contributions to OSM should I consider for my decision beyond your data edits at OSM?

Do you use OSM at work for business purposes?

Yes. To date, mapping coordinator for Uganda, with a mix of voluntary work under a local non-profit Organisation Fruits of Thought

Conflicts of Interest

No, there would be no conflict of interest, most of the work i do is for the advancement and betterment of OSM, which would most likely be inline with the OSMF

Who should the OSMF serve?

Has not responded.

Role of the board

Has not responded.

Communication with the community

Has not responded.

Community involvement in OSMF

Has not responded.


From Uganda to East Africa and the whole of Africa, there are traces of OSM presence, with some unknown communities doing great efforts and work with OSM. My presence would prove and bring this in light through the team support of the OSMF, and providing some more time to the efforts of the LCWG.

Paying People

Has not responded.

Board term limits

Has not responded.


Has not responded.

License violation enforcement

Has not responded.

Imports and remote mapping stance

Has not responded.

Commercial and Organized Editing Policy stance

Has not responded.

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