OSMF Board candidates: Wille Marcel

Posted by pnorman on 28 November 2015 in English (English)

In preparation for the 2015 OSMF board election I am gathering basic info and question responses by candidate, to help people be better informed about their choices.

I've added annotations in italics where I felt they would be useful.

Wille Marcel


Where do you currently participate in the OSMF?

I have contributed to the Communication Working Group.

Which contributions to OSM should I consider for my decision beyond your data edits at OSM?

Beyond edits, my main contributions are: * Talks about OSM in conferences in Brazil. See on [ my diary]. * Organize local meetings. See on [ my diary]. * I am one of the managers of [ @OpenStreetMapBR] twitter account and I have done some efforts to put OSM on the media in Brazil. * I am developing a software to detect harmful changesets, it's divided in two parts: [ osmcha] (python library) and [ osmcha-django] (web interface). In the next weeks I'll commit some features and officially release it. * Contributed to translation of some softwares, like iD editor. * I've done some more contributions to OSM related software, see on my [ github]

Do you use OSM at work for business purposes?

I am a GIS and web developer. Sometimes I use data or tiles of OSM on my work, but it is not the main part of my work.

Conflicts of Interest

I don't see risk of conflicts of interest with my job.

Who should the OSMF serve?

I think OSMF must not control OSM, but it must do all the possible to make OSM bigger. I think my main priorities will be to support local communities in places like Latin America, Africa and Asia, where we don't have a community as big as in Europe or United States.

Role of the board

Has not responded.

Communication with the community

I try to read the user diaries in English, Spanish and Portuguese periodically. I participate of OSMF-Talk mailing list, as well as the Brazilian and Latin American lists and telegram groups.

Community involvement in OSMF

I think we can do simple things to give more visibility to the Foundation, like put a campaign on the homepage to increase the number of members, give more support to local communities and events. I believe we will achieve more involvement between the community and the Foundation only when the Foundation wish to be more present on the life of the project.


One of the reasons I am running for OSMF is to put a vision from Latin America on the board. I participate both in the Brazilian and Latin American communities. I believe OSMF should give more support to local communities in regions like Asia, Africa and Latin America. I also think we should seek resources to have more participants on the FOSS Outreach Program and start a program more focused on teach mapping skills to women and other underrepresented groups.

Paying People

I am in favor of paid work on the Foundation.

Board term limits

I think it's essential to have diversity on the board, but I don't see as crucial to have a term limit, since the members choose the board by voting.


I don't have nothing against open vote reporting and I believe transparency is an essential value.

License violation enforcement

I have notified some organizations that used OSM without give attribution. In most part of the cases, it was unintentional and solved easily.

Imports and remote mapping stance

I think imports must be discussed in each local community and the data to be imported needs to have great quality. Remote mapping can be useful in some occasions, but what we need is people all over the world to map what can not be seen in satellite imagery.

Commercial and Organized Editing Policy stance

It's natural that there are companies mapping and, until now, we don't have many incidents, so I also think we needn't worry about this now.

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