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The problem of not having an address, and ways to solve it over 4 years ago

Support for OLC would indeed be awesome!

Juno opens its GPS traces to aid in mapping New York City over 4 years ago

Very cool! Any plans to do this for other cities as well?

日本のマッパーのみなさんへ over 4 years ago


OpenStreetCam sign detection code and training data open sourced over 5 years ago

When is the Android app going to drop proprietary dependencies, though? That’s the only thing stopping me from using either OSC or Mapillary at the moment.

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap over 5 years ago

If Google incorporates OSM data, why would a regular user even care about contributing to a small project? Might as well just fix Google itself, which is what we’d all be doing. No thanks. is beneficial to OSM not simply because of the attribution, but also because it allows users to directly improve a map that can be used and reused by all of us.

Not Yours, OpenStreetMap over 5 years ago

There’s a lot to unpack here but I’ll just focus on the licensing: there is no way I’m going to contribute to some permissively licensed project that is just going to get sucked in by Google and the rest of Silicon Valley. If I dedicate time and effort into this, I want it to be perpetually free for all reusers down the line.

You are very wrong when you say we are hurt more than they are. Companies need to waste money on Google/Bing/TomTom maps to do what need to do; while we lose nothing since time has shown we can grow comfortably without the occasional massive imports (which are often rolled back anyway because of quality issues).

Just found Openstreetmap over 5 years ago

Welcome! Feel free to ask questions.

Beta version of multilingual Wikimedia maps over 5 years ago

Nice! Can’t wait for more of these.

Locais onde falta mapeamento no Brasil - máscara KML para iD e JOSM over 5 years ago

Show de bola! Parabéns pelo trabalho

Nodos veganos mapeados o mejorados / Vegan nodes mapped or improved almost 6 years ago

Nice work, fellow vegan! 🌱

How I added some vending machines in a Japan city I've never visited about 6 years ago

Very nice! Also worthy of mention is the key [wikimedia_commons](

By the way, do you know of ? Hopefully it has free sources P4C can use.

Harvey's Plantation over 6 years ago

If it’s protected by law, perhaps something like boundary=protected_area could apply too?

New MapRoulette challenges: Add missing Wikidata ids to cities and capitals over 6 years ago

Great! Thanks for this. Working on some of them.

Vespucci 0.9.9 beta released over 6 years ago

Good job, folks! Don’t forget to push your Vespucci releases to F-Droid as well :)

Protecting the map against Pokemon Go mappers over 6 years ago

@Vincent: The first option doesn’t solve the fundamental problem, which is the difficulty of spotting and reverting edits in a semi-automated fashion. Wikipedia does this very well, and we’ll need to improve our tools to make this process easier, possibly inspired by their efforts.

Pri esperantigo de mapo over 6 years ago

Mi tute konsentas pri la ujigado, kaj ne kontraŭas al la aliaj menciaĵoj.

Surfacing Wikidata objects with coordinates to match them with OSM over 6 years ago

Nice! I hope to see more countries added soon :)

[PESQUISA, PT:BR] Pesquisa sobre mapeamento colaborativo over 6 years ago


Newcomers are welcome, even Pokemon Go mappers over 6 years ago

I guess what we need is some robust vandalism-fighting mechanism like Wikipedia has.

Cidades Brasileiras Não Mapeadas over 7 years ago

Parabéns pelo trabalho! Vou usar isso para ajudar botar essas cidades no mapa :)