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Meetup in Claremont (Western Australia) 6 months ago

Sounds fun. Wish I could have been there!

Mapping Houses in Palm Beach, Australia 6 months ago

I strongly recommend the StreetComplete app (for Android only, not iPhone, sadly) for adding detail - including addresses - to exiting PoIs, when going about your daily business.

Summary Report on OSMF Chair's Outreach Jan-early Apr 2020 about 2 years ago

AIUI, Jimmy Wales takes no salary or other payment for his contributions to Wikipedia/ the Wikimedia Foundation.

Also, there are organisations which make money from repackaging Wikipedia and other Wikimedia content.

Share your story: Open Gender Monologues about 4 years ago

“OSM, as an organization, is already open and doesn’t discriminate anyone.”

Really? You think having meetups in pubs [disclosure: I sometimes attend such meetups] does not discriminate against Muslims, or alcoholics, or recent parents, or others who find pubs a non-friendly environment? And that is just a small, trivial example.

Because you, or any individual, has not experienced nor witnessed discrimination does not mean it does not happen. If you enjoy that privilege - for privilege is what it is - shut up, and learn from those who do not.

Scaling multilingual name tags with Wikidata over 5 years ago

Great post; and great work! Thank you for the namecheck.

Wiki loves monuments - OpenStreetMap, too! almost 8 years ago

You’ve shown people how to download KML files, but the interface illustrated is for the German-language Wikipedia.

On the English-language Wikipedia, many articles have a template, which includes a link to download the KML.

For instance, on:

just near the “References” header, is a box labelled “Map of all coordinates from Google”. click “Show” for the KML download link.

On articles with lists of coordinates, where the template is not present, edit the article and add {{KML}}

Wiki loves monuments - OpenStreetMap, too! almost 8 years ago

When you add a monument to OSM, please don’t forget to tag it with the relevant Wikidata ID/ Wikipedia article title/ Wikimedia Commons category (or image link), if applicable:

(If there’s a Wikidata ID, the other two are probably redundant)