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Long Live HOT Data Quality Internship 9 days ago

Great to hear you are sharing your skills!

OpenStreetMap data in action: earthquake response 20 days ago

Hey Jana, it’s got an MSF logo in the corner - have I misunderstood?

My First OSM Experience about 1 month ago

Welcome to the community, Neky :)

Re: ¿Lo que estoy haciendo realmente está ayudando a alguien en una situación de desastre? about 1 month ago

Gracias por la traduccion, Juan!

OpenStreetMap is in trouble about 1 month ago

Thanks for flagging this, Pieter…

An insight into the software and services behind State of the Map about 1 month ago

This is super useful, thanks so much! At HOT, we supported SotM Asia in the Philippines as well as national events in Nigeria and Tanzania in the last six months and this is something we were definitely missing… We will be supporting more OSM-focused events in the coming months and years and I have no doubt it will be used… Have also shared with friends organising SotM Africa this year :)

Mapping Banepa Municipality in OSM and its Applications in Mitigating Effects of Urbanization- A Case Study of Urban Rooftop Farming Using Geospatial Technology about 2 months ago

Hi Narayan, I really enjoyed this diary, thank you.

By the way, I went to send it to a colleague yesterday and noticed a lot of the image links are broken - just in case you hadn’t noticed…

Data Quality Errors covered by the Asia Pacific Hub about 2 months ago

Hey @SomeoneElse, Asia Pacific Hub refers to the Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific and the priority countries are documented here.

Annual Celebration of Open Data and Maps: State of the Map Asia 2022 2 months ago

Much cooler! :D Thanks for sharing…….

Annual Celebration of Open Data and Maps: State of the Map Asia 2022 2 months ago

Hi Zainab, nice post but all of your image links are broken - just so you know…

MY 2022 HIGHLIGHT (PART 2) 3 months ago

Kudos to you, Chisom!

State of the Map Asia Conference: Journey from 1453m to 0m. Downfall? 3 months ago

Rabi, this was such a nice diary to read… Thanks for sharing!

This is how it all started... 3 months ago

Lovely to hear your story :D

Confessions of a First-time SOTM Asia x Pista ng Mapa Attendee 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mia… btw, your first sentence made me laugh out loud ;)


Thanks for sharing!

Reseña de GRD+OSM Latam summit 2022 4 months ago

Me alegro de oír estos resultados positivos. Gracias por compartirlo….

Unfolding Maps 4 months ago

Lovely diary, thanks for sharing :)

Honoring Sir Al Tongco, a dedicated and compassionate Open Geodata Advocate 4 months ago

Sounds like a great guy <3

My First Journey: Pista ng Mapa 2022 and SoTM 2022 4 months ago

Sounds great, thanks for sharing… :)

Workshop Mapeamento Participativo e Cartografico Social 2022 / Workshop Participatory Mapping and Social Cartography 2022 - 14th December 4 months ago

This looks really interesting…