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I think I spotted a whale. 3 days ago

That’s cool! There’s a bunch of us at a mapathon taking a look at the moment :)

What is a regional hub? about 2 months ago

@qeef I see your point. It’s awkwardly worded.

I guess that HOT is trying to evolve to be a network enabler for people and groups leveraging (or wanting to leverage) OSM to solve problems in the humanitarian / development sphere. The hubs are a big part of how we try and do this.

We need to better at articulating this, for sure, but I think, for many people, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

OSM Nepal: Recalling 2020 about 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this, thanks Rabin

My November 2020 in OSM 2 months ago

Haha, no worries…. It obviously had its 15 seconds…

My November 2020 in OSM 2 months ago

Hi Rory, interested in the Twitter thread you reference but it seems the link is broken. Could you post the correct one? Thanks!

Looking for webinar panellists: Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping 3 months ago

Thanks again, @imagico, for your problem awareness raising. These panellists, as far as I know, don’t have day-to-day interactions and definitely don’t all work together. But, I assume what you mean is we should be seeking panellists from outside of our networks… which was kind of the point of the diary post in the first place (maybe that wasn’t clear).

For anyone still reading, this post was meant to crowdsource ideas for panellists who might have an interesting take on Colonialism and Open Mapping and Data. Please do feel free to make suggestions.

Looking for webinar panellists: Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping 3 months ago

@imagico Thanks for the critique. Language aside, the point of the post was to ask for suggestions for panellists. There is no job title or twitter account criteria. Please feel free to suggest.

OpenStreetMap Philippines 2020 3 months ago

Maning, this is really interesting and impressive. And, I love the montage.

In response to your last point, I’m going to shamelessly plug the webinars coming up in February that the humanitarian OpenStreetMap community WG is organising on colonialism and open data and mapping. A brief description is here (we are still finding our last couple of panellists (to join David Garcia and others). Everybody interested in is welcome….

Running for the HOT US Inc Board this 21-Jan 2021 3 months ago

Hi Nico, thanks for the statement. Could you provide information on the nature of your engagement with LLG and ProjectEOF? Specifically, are you an employee? A contractor? Are you renumerated? Do you work on funding proposals or in a paid capacity on funded projects in the same areas as HOT works?

I am interested because MSF actually advised Jorieke and I that it was a conflict of interest to be on the HOT board whilst working in a paid capacity for MSF on openstreetmap-related activities in the same regions as HOT (including partners and community collaborators). This is why Jorieke stepped down from the board when she started working for MSF and why I didn’t run for the board until I was working in an unrelated position (medical innovation).

Lastly, could you provide links to what LLG is / what it does? I am struggling to find any information on it as an organisation… (I have found info on ProjectEOF at

Launching an open mapping hub in Asia - what's the starting focus for HOT? 3 months ago

@Courtney, you’re absolutely right about the phrase coming from HOT staff… We initially coined it as a shorthand to differentiate internally between what HOT is and what HOT wants to support and promote. Tyler used it to illustrate this point in relation to the humanitarian OpenStreetMap Summit (was HOT Summit) and the intent to de-occupy the humanitarian OSM space. I think from there, we have just continued to use it as we know what we mean by it. I’d argue that no-one is really pushing it as such, but we are using it without having discussed what the implications / perceptions are for the groups of people HOT wants to work with / support, which is an oversight on our side and should be addressed.

I think where it really matters most is when applied to things like the hubs, where we want people to engage with, collaborate on, be a part of, contribute to, benefit from a community resource that prioritises OSM for [local] social good. We will have to call them something and, for me personally, ‘OSM’ alone doesn’t cover or communicate the mandate that HOT has or the scope, objectives or priority contexts of the Audacious project. I totally understand that if the OSMF was the entity supporting the launch of these hubs, it might make total sense to call them OSM Hubs, because the OSMF has a much broader mandate.

We’ll definitely take this constructive criticism on board and put some energy into the thinking behind this… Interested to know if people have thoughts about the other questions posed by Rebecca in the diary entry…?

Launching an open mapping hub in Asia - what's the starting focus for HOT? 3 months ago

I also think the name is an important point… More than one person I have spoken to has pointed out the incongruence between the ‘h’ in hOSM (and the ‘H’ in HOT) and the scope and objectives of the Audacious project and the hubs…. However, I also think that using ‘OSM’ alone to frame Audacious doesn’t communicate the purpose well as there is a strong angle that is related to local / community development and humanitarian work.

Rory, just to make sure I understand your perspective… Is it that ‘hOSM’ and humanitarian OpenStreetMap is too close to HOT and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and therefore confusing?

Just for context… HOT is purposefully evolving into an NGO that is community-centric (and less introspective) and we felt that way too many things were being labelled ‘HOT’ (HOT communities, HOT edits, HOT Summit) when they weren’t necessarily about HOT - in fact, we didn’t just feel it, various people told us this was a problem. I think the hOSM term came about as a short hand to help us de-occupy some of these spaces and has stuck to some extent. Not that it couldn’t be unstuck if better ideas came along, of course!

Potential HOT tasking manager improvements to help new and existing contributors collaborate more effectively 4 months ago

Hi all, thanks for the comments. Really useful. We’ll have a look at the various options and discuss how to take them forward and document what we are doing… As Russ points out, it’s a false economy to rush these things. And, Heather, yes exactly… I think a lot of this (and much beyond the issues and opportunities raised here) has to do with those soft skills. Interestingly, I was listening to an interview with NASA’s chief flight director, Holly Ridings, and she said NASA have stopped calling them ‘soft skills’ and now just call them skills, which makes sense to me!

Localizing Community Support through regional hubs 4 months ago

Great post, Geoffrey! Looking forward to working with you on this!

First diary entry. 4 months ago

Hi Sophie, looking forward to post #2 ;)

Adding the #newbie tag when making changes on OpenStreetMap + Tips for New Mappers? 4 months ago

Great post, Jikka! And, thanks to the commenters, too. Lots to learn from…

Thoughts on the "Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behavior in the OSM Community" 4 months ago

Nico, thanks for the clarification. That’s much clearer. Appreciated…

Thoughts on the "Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic Offensive Behavior in the OSM Community" 4 months ago

Hey Nico, just a question of clarification. I understand that you disagree with the CoC concept, but are you proposing that the best way forward is to maintain the status quo. It’s unclear to me from the above. Apologies if I’m missing something…

Thoughts on the OSMF Board and OSM Community 4 months ago

Thanks for contributing, Harry. It’s good to read a positive response to the statement.

Co-Creating a Code of Conduct for OpenStreetMap Philippines (Part 1/n) 4 months ago

Wow, this is really impressive. I look forward to seeing how session 2 works and what comes out of all these inputs!

Getting to know local contributors to OpenStreetMap in the Philippines 5 months ago

Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing. Great photos, too!