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map styles: Default OSM vs Humanitarian about 3 years ago

I'd argue quite strongly that the Google maps style assumes people only use cars.

On my wall at home is a copy of an early 20th century London map. The main railways are black, and the most visible. Only roads with but or tram routes are coloured, the remaining roads being white, distinguished by width to some degree.

That looks like a map of a city designed for people, not cars. These days, I'd add designated cycle routes.

As fairly large parts of the OSM community are cycle-based, designing a map style suitable only for Top Gear fans seems to be not something we'd want to do.

OpenStreetMap UK: what should we do this year? over 4 years ago

Buildings/addresses are my current project. Otherwise bus routes and destinations. Shops and other workplaces - offices, works and 'craft' are even worse than shops.

The postcode issue is a problem. My local authority (Medway) is very bad about putting up signs for new roads, let alone putting postcodes on them. There are at least a couple of roads I've personally checked where I've checked there's no nameplate and someone has then put the OS Locator name in the database.

Lowest level postcode areas will go across streets and some of the larger social housing blocks will have several lowest level postcodes - I lived in one with 3, divided by floor.

Electoral roll may be good for postcodes.

Postcodes also change with changes in sorting offices.

It'd be nice if part of the competition regulations for the privatised Royal Mail meant that postcode data was equally available to all under opendata. Can't see a reason why that should not be the case.

Apart from administrative boundaries, postcodes are the biggest case I can see for importing anything (NAPTAN's helpful, but not absolutely necessary).

What is the OpenStreetMap convention? Do we tag addresses on buildings or on separate nodes? over 4 years ago

When I started mapping housenumbers, I used Karlsruhe-style interpolation ways. Where I hadn't yet drawn buildings, these would end up as nodes not in buildings.

When I had drawn buildings, it's rather random whether the nodes for the interpolation way were inside the building or not.

Now, I'll put addresses on nodes for entrances to flats, and addresses on ways/areas for distinct houses (which can be terraces). In the UK, that looks a logical way of doing it.

Of course, requiring relations will mean it just doesn't happen without easy support from editors.

Missing Roads almost 6 years ago

Can't speak for all, but for me the ITO map (and others, there's musicalchairs as well) is a prompt to go out and check. Where the Ordnancy Survey has got it wrong we tag the way not:name with the OS version after putting in the correct one.

The OS makes lots of mistakes as the same character as OSMers who audio map do - putting in likely spellings rather than correct ones. Sometimes they'll put in a planned name from the council that turns up slightly different on the street signs - we map what's on the ground.

highway=trunk and slow vehicles | highway=trunk et véhicules lents almost 6 years ago

UK has plenty of trunk roads with no minimum speed.

There are many with two lanes and no divider (particularly in remote areas).

There may be some single-lane roads designated Trunk (correctly, following Government rules) in Scotland.

Getting ready to pack my bags and leave OSM over 6 years ago

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for your contribution. I'll have to get on my bike and get up to Cliffe to check for updates now.

A228 - Google and TomTom Fail over 6 years ago

You'll notice that Hoo village is considerably more complete in OSM than Google and especially Bing. Lot of construction going on so it'll need another update soon.

Rochester (Kent) needs a good update over 6 years ago

Thanks for putting in missing features.

I don't go down to Rochester that often, but there are certainly plenty of shops missing (like most places). We haven't yet got to the position that all that's left to put in are park benches and trees in the park.

Plane table application? over 6 years ago

Don't think I'd ever have found the photogrammetry page.

Looks like what I'm looking for is a small part of the osm-bundler functionality - but I think I'd want to go closer to an osm editor than via blender (which I don't know either). Looks like a very interesting approach. Apart from building heights (the main use case) my use case is identifying field boundaries (barrier=hedge, etc) from taking photos from nearby high ground.

Rapid adding of building=entrance (and similar) nodes over 6 years ago

In Merkkartor, when you're in node-setting mode (Cnrtl-N), you stay in it until you select another mode.

Adding building=entrance to all of them can be done when you have them all selected.

Derick's meat-up, Shop POI mapping + My meat-up this Saturday almost 7 years ago

It'd be good for OSM to be able to deliver a map with pushpins for mediterranean restaurants in W1F, with contact details and clickable website links - like some others we could mention. We might have more chinese takeaways than the others, but do need the phone numbers.

The phone number formats should be something that editors can do - with a setting for mapping in the UK, DE or whatever, and automagically set the international format.

Removing others entries from the database about 7 years ago

Thanks, Richard, that's helpful.

Rovastar's attitude is that anyone who clicked decline because they were unsure of the situation would have all their edits removed.

Once we get to the end of the relevant period it will be easier to see. However it does seem odd to click accept for all previous edits when some of them may carry the viral OS attribution licence that is the CT/OS problem.

Removing others entries from the database about 7 years ago

In my patch - apart from myself - signed up as I'd planned to replace my streetview buildings with Bing edits on grounds of accuracy, all the three current major contributors have expressed comments of this nature in these diaries.

I signed up very unhappily because I'd have preferred to have an authoritative statement from OSMF that it believed the CTs were consistent with use of OS opendata. We haven't had that, just people saying it didn't bother them.

And fron Chriscf - it's the data contributed validly from surveys as well as any possibly tainted data (that had been opened by the UK government with the intention of being used by openstreetmap before the CTs were drafted) that bothers people.

I've used streetview a tiny amount - to find that this tiny amount, where I can't be assured that the attribution terms will be carried through downstream, causes the loss of a huge amount of surveyed work is really annoying.

Removing others entries from the database about 7 years ago

Just to comment - many UK contributors have clicked decline because of the continuing uncertainty about the use of anything that might plausibly be a derivative of the Opendata from Ordnance Survey.

When there is a clear statement that acceptance of the Contributor Terms allows use of any data source that has been opened by the UK government, then those contributors will accept.

I understand the situation is similar in other countries that have opened to CC-BY and CC-BY-SA.

Therefore, leave these contributions alone, and for those handling liaison with these data sources, we need a clear statement before any stupid action like this takes place.

Eastgate or High Street? about 7 years ago

Agreed, and definitely no Eastgate name visible on the road OS say is Eastgate.

I'd think the gate in the city wall might have been know as Eastgate, and some local things named after it. Therefore, old trade directory could well have street number (in) Eastgate, which postmen would be able to find easily, while there might never have been a street named Eastgate. ...gate as a street name is distinctively northern (like York) where it is viking. That wouldn't go down too well in Rochester. Southern English pattern would be Eastgate Street.

Eastgate or High Street? about 7 years ago

There clearly isn't a name-plate otherwise I would have put that in. The alt-name seems sensible if there's evidence that people use it - I've put in Top Road for parts of the A2 through Gillingham as that's the name locals use (and is documented in local histories) - I suspect taxi drivers would know that better than Sovereign Boulevard which has zero currency.

This may be a case where usage changed a long time ago and the OS is recording old usage that no-one else recognises.

Gravesham moves up again! about 7 years ago

There's a couple like that in Chattenden in Medway - and inside the wire of a disused military base.

Not everyone's up to speed with using the not:name tag. There's a few I left before I worked it out. We should probably use alt_name a bit more for the apostrophe issue as well.

Medway Council is a bit bad on signing things at times, plus the military areas (signed by the MOD) are worse. Should probably do something about the MOD rights to close roads.

Vaguely remember hearing that they were going to close the Royal School of Military Engineering and move what's left out of Medway. In which case they'll probably build new housing over the Brompton and Chattenden sites which will erase the names the OS has now.

Meanwhile, is Rochester a city in OSM terms?

Yes! over 7 years ago

Dartford wouldn't overtake Gravesham, it's smaller. Medway is going along slowly, though you're welcome. I'm doing it by bike so the number of roads I can do on a weekend is a bit limited - and the remaining ones tend to be a bit spread out.

I'm also not going to do the ones inside the military bases. The RSME can contribute those if they like.

Actually, Tonbridge and Malling looks like it needs some work.

100% Yet? over 7 years ago

There's still a few on musical chairs - some where OS locator has Aveune not Avenue, plus A road refs and a couple where the road is composed of several ways.

Gravesham Storming Up the Table over 7 years ago

Congratulations to sdoerr.

I'm trying to get Medway to follow suit. There were quite large areas of the rural part that had been armchair mapped and therefore no street names. For Medway east of the river we've mostly got it down to recent developments, though there are a few patches. Don't particularly like wandering around the army married quarters area obviously mapping - and the army don't like putting up street names either.

I also use the Musical Chairs version to see what needs doing and check progress. It updates about a day ahead of the ITO world link above, though it seems like the same data.

It only records roads and names though, not public footpaths, bridleways or byways open to all traffic.

Probably turn restrictions more of a priority.

In the rural patches I've been trying to map businesses as well, as the chance of going back very soon to add detail is fairly small. Street numbers to do though.